Friday 8 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 13

                                 It flew at Nicolette. The bullet slowed seemed to fly in slow motion, getting slower the closer it got.  Wait . .It was getting slower. She raised her arms at a speed impossible for a human and swirled her hands, making the air around the bullet heavy and knocking it slightly off course.. In-fact, when the bullet reached her it barely even penetrated her shoulder, but whatever was engraved into Israel's gun flung her off her feet in a wave off blue energy. 
                                 But she regained her composure quickly and cushioned her fall with a blanket of air and landed on her feet. We turned to Israel, ready to attack at the slightest movement. He looked like death warmed up, as he stood limply, gun dangling at his side. Nicolette was the only one who took immediate action.   She used fire to propel her self forward as she ran ,like a rocket. Jesus, I didn't know she was that good. She sped right past me towards Israel, pure anger in her eyes. I noticed something black along her face.Black . . . 
                                 I instinctively pressed my hands out flat and some type of blue plasma shot out off my hands. It struck Nicolette in the side, and she was knocked into a wall of a shop. I looked around to see that the attention had left Israel, and everyone was ready to attack me. Before I could explain, my back was hit by a wall of air. I went flying and would have gone face first into the wall of the opposite house if shadows hadn't caught me like a baseball glove.
                                 I landed on my feet and spun to see why I'd been saved. Florence was turning back to face Nicolette like the others. She had one arm outstretched the other held twisted, useless by her side. Dark black veins covered her normally pretty face, which was contorted into a demented smile. She broke into a shrill laugh and clicked her fingers. Dragona was engulfed in a blue-ish flame. His scream of pure pain and anguish pierced my ears.
                                Anger.Consumed by a power that had never before surfaced, I rose into the air shrouded by dark blue sparks. I never felt so powerful. I could destroy the world. I heard another scream but it faded away to the background, in the hum of my power. The stormy sky was now firing lightning in all directions. I couldn't control this. It controlled me. I raised my arm and pointed a single finger at Nicolette. All that power erupted from me and into her. I saw her face still smiling but with a slight frown , like I'd just said something stupid. I realized that it was me screaming as the energy shot for my body and headed for Nicolette.


  1. AWESOME!!! O_O I just read the whole fan-fic up until now and its AMAZING!!!

    Great work leo, really outstanding :D

  2. WOW, Leo! This is amazing! very exciting! I can't wait for more! I was on the edge of my seat as I read.....then I fell off! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN???????????????? You must tell me! I'm begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE!

  3. OMG EPIC!

    (in real life i never say oh my god, cos im christian. But it's so USEFUL on blogs...)

    Really coooL!

    please post next part soooonnn!!!

  4. its great fantastic
    are you still accepting people My characters bios are on my page use lillivale not Casanova

  5. AWSOME!! :D
    cant wait for more

  6. AWSOME!

    But why did I have to be covered in fire?

    WHY ME!?

    Epic though...

  7. Why you, Dragona? Cause Kallista's to pretty to get hurt. :P
    Just kidding of course!
    This story is epic and your character will be victorious! I'm sure of it! :D

  8. *....Who's Bad? KALLISTA!....our daring moonwalker moves past a sleeping Leo and heads out the door....BUT WAIT! ...What is that there?....It is a huge pool and the moonwalker dosn't see it!....and moonwalks right into.....SPLASH!!!!!*

  9. *From underneath the water we hear strains of, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. ....our intepid wanderer is not to be daunted! Using her elementel magic of fire, she quickly drys off and moonwalks over to Darkane's blog.....*