Saturday 18 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 3

         Fire, shadows and lightning blasted a path through the sorcerers and everyone sprinted towards the woods hoping to lose our attackers in the untamed forest. I threw thunderbolts over my shoulder hoping to slow them down. But as we neared the first of the trees a mage, dressed in a would-be-smart suit if it wasn't riped in about fifty places, exited the forest looking like he'd run a marathon.
          'Run, there are are remnants following me!!!,'he screamed.If this was true there was no chance of us emerging from the forest either alive or with only our minds in our bodys. Dragona and Nicolette made a wall of air to slow down the sorcerers and Florence swung her swords and many mages were knocked off there feet but more took there place. I however, created an invisible shield of electricity so when the sorcerers broke through the air wall they would receive a nasty shock. Literally.
           The mysterious man went into a kind of self-induced trance while this all was happening which annoyed me so much that an involuntary spark shot from me to him, jolting him awake.The man gave me a glare that would sour milk and said to us,'Follow me if you want to live',
          The man had none of the tell-tail signs of being possessed by a remnant and we knew sooner rather than later we would be overcome by sheer numbers. Following him seemed like the only choice as he broke into a sprint along the edge of the forest just as a pack of unpaired remnants shot out of the woods and caused the sorcerers' view to be obscured for a few precious seconds as we made our escape.
           It was a trap. And it was none too shabby a trap either . They cornered us so we were guaranteed so be possessed .Almost guaranteed. They hadn't accounted for the unknown sorcerer coming to thwart their plan and save us.
           We came to a small country road just as a car was passing by.'Stop the car' he said to all of us but no one imparticular.
           'Let me', I said smugly, glad to be of some practical use. With the wave of my hand the car staled due to 'a battery power surge'.
            'Who are you?', Florence asked the man, her tone slightly hostile.
 'Israel Elysium', he answered without emotion as if he hadn't heard Florence's tone. The driver of the Porsche got out, his face puzzled and annoyed

His face. . .

Everyone adopted a fighting stance (even Israel) when we saw the man's face.

What was his name again. . . . . . .

Dam it . . .

Thursday 16 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 2

        We all packed into Nicolette's undersized car and headed for Roarhaven. We'd planned to battle our way through the remnants to the Roarhaven sanctuary where there was most likely be a stronghold formed by the sorcerers who'd heard about the crisis and barricaded themselves in the Annex,a room build for siege situations that had years worth of imperishable food and was the most protected room in the sanctuary. It could only be opened from the inside which was the main problem. 'We'll worry about that when it comes', I reassured myself
         I was practicing keeping electricity on my finger tips when the car was flung off the road and landed upside down in a field. Ouch!!!. I seemed to be the only one who was hurt as everyone else sprang out of the car, ready for a fight but no one was visible at the other side of the road.
        Dragona and Nicolette conjured flames and I let a ball of lightning grow in my hands illuminating as much ground as possible. Skylara became a fearsome wolf and Florence drew her swords and let shadows curl around them, sharp against the light.
        Behind us came a cackle as a circle of flames erupted around us.'Its a trap', shouted Nicolette battling to keep the flames at bay alongside Dragona but without much success.Skylara became and eagle and soared up high examined the problem  and dived down transforming as she did so.
        'We're surrounded by about 20 sorcerers', she spluttered, having inhaled a lungful of smoke.'The entire population must be infected'
         I concentrate as much power as I could and shouted 'Duck!!' and span as a beam of lightning shot out of me.I fell to my knees with the effort but it penetrated the flames, stunning the mages outside giving everyone a chance to extinguish the flames and attack. Behind the ELEMENTAL sorcerers there were around 50 possessed ADEPTS ready to fight. Too many for 5 sorcerers no matter how strong.
        'RUN!!!' shouted Florence for once losing her cool. That was an indicator of how dire the situation was .
So we ran.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction

     'Look out', screamed Skylara, as she reverted back to human from a bear.A wall of shadows crashed into my stomach.I was thrown backwards  and would have plummeted of the side of a cliff if Dragona hadn't compacted the air around me to take away the momentum that would have carried me to my doom.
      The young necromancer had tried to punch a tendril of shadows through me but this time I was ready and parried his attack with a bolt of lightning then ran at him through the dispersing shadow I rugby tackled him to the ground and pumped electricity to my hands so they acted like a cattle prod.
      He fell unconscious yet his body lashed out in a mass of flailing limbs and spasms. The young necromancer's elbow cracked against my temple leaving me dazed. But he was defeated and for about 2 whole seconds I felt ecstatic.
     The I looked around and saw how insignificant I had been in the fight. Skylara had knocked out 5 possessed sorcerers while Dragona,Florence and Nicolette has masses of unconscious  bodies scattered around them.Relax. This was your first big fight and you did well.
      Lies and I knew it . I'd be dead if it wasn't for Dragona saving me.
'These Remnants are getting out of hand', gasped Skylara. 'we have to get to the Hibernian.
      'No, they will be under attack by now , we have to find a place to defend and save as many uninfected as possible ', Florence said calmly as if she had had loads of experience fighting hoards of remnants trying not to kill the people they inhabited ' we should be safe at The Cave. We'll go through Roarhaven and pick up as many sorcerers as we can find'
     'Ok , but no criminals',said Skylara ,unsure.
'And let em be taken over by remnants, I don't think so',I piped up trying to sound intelligent as possible
     'Good point',Skylara said brightly but it seemed strained,' to Roarhaven it is'