Tuesday 4 January 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction 21

                 A torrent of reasoning burst from my lips 'Kallista needs it more than Nicolette, we might be able to move her without her bleeding out but neither will survive if we don't help them right now. Dragona is still unconscious, he might have loads of broken bones from the shadows and he's burned badly. Israel has a hole in his chest and Skylara', a though hit me like a brick.All I could utter was 'Skylara. . .'
               ' I think she's been poisoned, she has a fever and can't breath properly and it's getting worse.We don't have anything for poison we have to move her now'. She said in a rushed way like she was after running and I saw she was trying to hide a limp arm by her side.'I can carry them . . .' I cut her off 'You can barely carry yourself not to mind three or four injured people'. I couldn't keep the anger and frustration out of my voice.
                Forcing myself to calm down, I began to think.I can only carry one and that isn't going to happen we need more medicine. . .Skylara has some!! I again consumed myself with my newfound power and blasted down the street next to Skylara. The sudden change made me dizzy but I held on in there and dived for Her pockets. A yellow almost empty tube containing what would be Kallista and Nicolette's saving grace.I was about to blast off again when I heard a weak attempt at speech from Sky. I bent down closer to here her speak.
              'Don't leave me,please don't leave me' ,she managed to wheeze out, her eyes filled with tears of pain and sadness.'I don't want to be alone when I die'.