Monday 5 September 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction FINAL PART!!

              I collapsed. I was in shock. My broken arm and leg barely registered. Florence looked like the decision had torn her apart. It did the same to me and was even worse for Kallista and Israel. She turned away and hobbled towards the first-aid box when I realised something. I was angry. She didn't get to pick, it wasn't her decision. And even if it was her choice was wrong and full of flawed logic. She was being selfish.
             'Stop'. My voice was a barely audible rasp but she heard it and turned. I closed my eyes and generated sparks around my body then I raised myself up using the thousands of sparks to lift me. I stayed a few inches of the ground and hovered there for a moment with my eyes closed in an effort to convert my seemingly boundless magical energy into physical. 'Don't you dare touch it'. My voice rang out loud now powerful, commanding. I was regaining my energy.
            'I'm going to save my friends Leo'She spoke quietly.'You can't stop me' She still wore that broken expression. This was tearing her apart. ' I'm sorry Flo but I think I can stop you'. The electricity around me multip ied and grew an even brighter blue. 'And I'm also fairly sure that I will'
            Her eyes widened further, shocked that I would challenge her. I'd never done it before, not really. She stared deep into my eyes for a moment, then sagged. 'I understand' she crouched and touched the ground with her palm. Shadows erupted from the bodies that littered the street and flew towards Florence. They swirled around her it an opague sphere. It began to float upwards and the ball of shadows began to shrink. It was flowing into her. She was absorbing the death.
           'I understand' she repeated, her voice amplified but full of sorrow. Then it got angry ' But I don't accept it'. With a scream she attacked, a spear of shadows created to impale. I flashed blue and appeared behind her. Energy rushed to my hands as I reached out to shock her. But in a whirl of black, my hands kept going though the space she had been. For a moment I couldn't find her and used the moment to flash again, this time to the little green box. Time was running out for Kallista and Israel. This had to end.
            I saw the swirl of shadow out of the corner of my eye and twirled in the air in time to see a wave of darkness shooting towards me. Instinctively, I generated a shield of pure energy around me in like spherical cocoon. The shadows collided but did no damage. I turned on the offensive in an instant. Pulling the energy from the shield back to my arms, I burst through the haze the collision had created and flung a bright, blue-white bolt at Florence. Some shadows rushed to block the attack but only managed to buffer it before it struck Florence straight in the stomach. She screamed again as she flew backwards down the street and landed in a crumple heap on the road.
            I barely had time to breath a sigh of relief that she managed to cushion herself to the attack. I had been so stupid. If that had hit her full on it could have killed her and that would have made everything that I had been fighting for completely irrelevant. I was fighting to save these people. They weren't my friends but they had saved my and I felt a connection to them I can't quite explain. Or maybe I was trying to make up for all the people I had killed just a few minutes ago. But the reason could wait.
            I was still floating, so flashed to the ground to pick up the bag, then instantly teleported to Kallista. She was conscious, which was a feat considering the blood lost but all she could manage were a few moans. I ripped a leaf from one of the airtight bags and shoved it into her mouth. She still managed to chew it, which in her condition should have been impossible. This was a seriously strong woman. Or stubborn. I struggled to squeeze some bright purple gel form one of the almost empty tubes but I got some. I rubbed some into the wound on her stomach. She moaned loudly, the leaf not powerful enough to subdue the pain. The gel expanded in the wound into a foam. I knew from my little experience that this burned. A LOT.
           I grabbed an antiseptic gauze-bandage from the tiny green box and wrapped it around her awkwardly, as fast as possible. Then I flashed to Israel. Suddenly I felt light headed and stumbled onto my broken leg. A roar erupted from me but the pain sharpened my senses. This power was not limitless. Close but not quite. I felt the air pull around me in the sudden vacuum created my the teleportation. It could be dangerous if it wasn't full charged. That registered somewhere in my mind but I concentrated on Israel. Placing my palms on his shoulders, I tried to sense the tiny charge that kept his heart beating. I panicked for a moment when I couldn't feel anything, but then I found it. Weak. Too weak. 
           Again, I fumbled with the tubes, trying to get enough gel out to heal him. I had to dig thorough three this time, awkwardly keeping the small amounts on my index finger and away from dirt while squeezing the other ones. All wasting precious time. I roughly rubbed the paste into the gaping wound on his chest. It fizzed and hissed violently as it purged dirt from the wound, replenished his blood and created new cells to heal the skin and organs. But he didn't even twitch. I felt for a pulse again. This time I was sure there was nothing.
           Quickly I made a fist, charged it up like I'd done with Florence and slammed it into Israel's chest. My other hand was reading his heart. Still nothing. I repeated. And Repeated. And Repeated. I collapsed. I was drained. My magic was trying to get energy from my body and vice versa. Neither could manage it.. I had given him everything. I had given up.

                                                      Then he took a breath.

Monday 29 August 2011


Ok enough with the buzz words . . . as some of you may know I'm abut to tackle the fanfic and FINALLY bring it to a close. I felt like it had to happen as some of you for some weird reason seem to slightly enjoy it . . . crazy people. Anyway I was kinda guilty so I have set myself a goal . . . to wrap up the fanfic by THIS SUNDAY!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to post any parts of it in like 5 months but life has been pretty crazy over the past 7 or 8 months . . . and I won't be able to do the prologue thing i wanted to  . . . I had really wanted to but I'm back to school tomorrow and I have loads of home stuff to deal with  . . . SORRY!!! but at least I will do everything i can to complete my fanfic for once and for all. And who knows maybe someday I will be able to write the prologue . . . so maybe 1 fairly long post one Sunday or a few small ones suring the week . . .What do you guys think? . . . so many full stops . . . ;)

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction 22

                        My heart nearly exploded.  Her pleading eyes seemed to bore into my soul begging me not to leave.But I wasn't going to just let her die. What the hell is making her like this? I felt her forehead. It was hot and clammy. I'm no expert but I knew that was bad. She was beginning to writhe on the ground and I knew she couldn't breath properly. She was badly allergic to nuts and I had seen her like this when she had eaten a slice of a massive birthday cake that had hazelnut chocolate filling. I did warn her.
                       That must be it. I felt along the lining in her jacket trying to find he tiny vial of liquid to stop the reaction. I'd seen her pretend she was a vampire with it before to scare people off and she always wore the same Bespoke jacket. It was in my hand. I said a little prayer of thanks and another of pleas. Work! I jabbed it into her arm but I didn't have a clue if I had to find a special vein or something for it to work and I knew if you did it the completely wrong way it'd kill her.That would be really bad. It would be my fault.
                       I pressed down on the syringe not stopping praying for even a second, my eyes tightly shut. I heard a gasp but her breathing still wasn't back to normal. I forced myself to look and as I did tears began to flow down my face. She was still struggling but her eyes were open and she'd stopped struggling.She looked at me and a tiny smile appeared on her lips.
                      'You would think that I wouldn't have time to eat at a time like this wouldn't you . .',she stopped for a moment to try and catch her breath,' but I just couldn't resist that last brownie in the back of the car' Typical. I was laughing while crying and had a kind of an angry expression on my face which made her laugh but that wasn't good. In a few seconds she was panting again like she'd run a marathon and my face went deadly serious.'Rest'.Reason came over me again. I picked up the little almost empty little yellow tube.And in a flash I was beside Florence.
                     She reacted in a split-second and the tube was gone. The paste was already on Dragona and Nicolette before I could even speak. She gazed up at my stunned face. Then she uttered words that doomed  Kallista and Israel.' These are our friends. The other two aren't.' I could see in her eyes though that those words hurt her as much as it hurt Kallista and Israel.

Tuesday 4 January 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction 21

                 A torrent of reasoning burst from my lips 'Kallista needs it more than Nicolette, we might be able to move her without her bleeding out but neither will survive if we don't help them right now. Dragona is still unconscious, he might have loads of broken bones from the shadows and he's burned badly. Israel has a hole in his chest and Skylara', a though hit me like a brick.All I could utter was 'Skylara. . .'
               ' I think she's been poisoned, she has a fever and can't breath properly and it's getting worse.We don't have anything for poison we have to move her now'. She said in a rushed way like she was after running and I saw she was trying to hide a limp arm by her side.'I can carry them . . .' I cut her off 'You can barely carry yourself not to mind three or four injured people'. I couldn't keep the anger and frustration out of my voice.
                Forcing myself to calm down, I began to think.I can only carry one and that isn't going to happen we need more medicine. . .Skylara has some!! I again consumed myself with my newfound power and blasted down the street next to Skylara. The sudden change made me dizzy but I held on in there and dived for Her pockets. A yellow almost empty tube containing what would be Kallista and Nicolette's saving grace.I was about to blast off again when I heard a weak attempt at speech from Sky. I bent down closer to here her speak.
              'Don't leave me,please don't leave me' ,she managed to wheeze out, her eyes filled with tears of pain and sadness.'I don't want to be alone when I die'.