Saturday 18 December 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 20

                  I reached for Nicolette first because she'd saved me way more times than Kallista(That really shouldn't be a factor should it?). The dagger was still in her stomach and I didn't pull it out because it would probably make her to bleed faster but I didn't have a way to stop the bleeding so I tore a bit off my white-ish shirt and wrapped it around the dagger to stem the flow.
                 Now Kallista. She wasn't bleeding as bad as Nicolette and the dagger didn't go as deep but if I couldn't stop either of there bleeding then there was no point to this. Yeah ,like i'm not even going to try. I ripped off my shirt and stuffed it into her wound. Well, I've had to do worse things . . .  I heard her moan and looked at her face. Her eyelids fluttered and her face was red. I grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse. It was all over the place probably because of my bolt. Yeh even more stuff thats my fault.
                I laid my hands on her shoulders and sent weak electrical waves through her body in an effort to slow her heart and regulate her pulse.Come on Kallista!! Relax will you!!!!! After a moment the waves melded with her heartbeat and I let go. That would have slowed the bleeding but I still had no way to stop it.Maybe I should have been a healer instead of a human generator. . .The car!
               I sprinted to the slightly charred Porsche and leaped over bodies of the recently possessed. There has to be stuff in the car. Florence must have just had the same idea and as I turned the corner I saw her rummaging in the dashboard and under the seats. I reached the car as she took out a small, tattered box with a faded green cross on it. Inside though,were the materials capable of curing almost anything.
               She opened it and tipped it out on the car seat. Shit. There were only a few half empty tubes and bandages inside it.We looked at each other.'Thats not enough',I said darkly, me telling what we were both thinking.'We can't heal all of them with only this and if we only give each one a small bit then none of them might make it.'
                Florence looked up at me 'Pick one to give it to.'

                                         Thats when my world fell apart

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 19

               Crack.A bolt went to intercepted the shadow intended to blast the remnant apart. It swooped down below my attack and got to Florence. Dam. But as it latched onto her face shadows burst from her own mouth. For a moment thought she had been possessed too but the shadows kept coming a river of darkness. The shadows didn't fall but they pooled around in a sphere around the remnant. The ball of darkness should have opaque but I could easily make out a kind of darkness within the darkness.  Hmm, That should so be happening. 
              'Just blast it Leo',roared Florence, who was struggling to keep the remnant contained. I gathered a ball of electricity -  now blue - and flung it into the heart of the shadows. They seemed to let the ball slide through and it collided with the center in a flurry of blue purple and black fireworks.It's gone . . .
              I looked around at the devastation in the town. The piles of bodies drifted into the background as I ran to Kallista and Nicolette. Florence, after taking a moment to recover from the strain of the sphere, ran for Skylara and Israel, who were sprawled on the ground. Dragona would have to wait a while. Blood was pooled around Kallista and Nicolette. There was so much I couldn't tell who's it was. Thats when you know it's bad.