Saturday 2 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 10

                               My fan-fic is nearly done and i'm going to do a kind prologue about how the characters met. Almost all the characters in the story at the moment will be in it except maybe Israel/hellboy. Sorry!!! But that won't be for another 4 or 5 fan fics so I hope that's OK!!!!

                                It was lashing rain and the wind was rushing into their face's, buffeting their progress.Florence was encased in shadow's which adsorbed most of the force but Skylara was completely open  to the elements. She contorted her body to be aerodynamic but still the rain pushed her downwards. Jes Flo, how far did you run??. But still they battled on, determined to reach Leo before the worst. What is the worst??. Florence shivered at the thought.


                                Nicolette and Dragona wrapped themselves in a bubble of air protecting them from the stormy weather. They lifted themselves slightly off the ground and in their sphere, they propelled themselves down the way they'd came, passing over the charred mess from earlier. Dragona was drained and wanted nothing more than to rest, but Nicolette seemed like she hadn't just been in one of the toughest fights of her life. She seemed stronger than usual in fact. Dragona put it down to determination. She's known Leo for much longer than me, she is probably worried. He pushed all thoughts from his mind and concentrate on getting to Leo before it's too late.


                              Israel woke up in a strange place, under a tree in the middle of a storm. Weirdly, it wasn't his first time. That shouldn't be a good thing, he thought calmly, before reality set in. Where was everyone else? Memories came back of the fight he'd been in, but they were sluggish and blurred. He tried to sit up but felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down and did a double take as he saw the hole in his chest. It was a miracle he was alive and that whatever had stabbed him had missed his heart and hadn't been long enough to puncture his lungs. It even seemed to be healing even as he looked at it. He laid back shocked the heavy rain pelting down on his face. Then questions flooded in. How did I get here? Why aren't I bleeding out? How did I get hurt?                            
                            Then he remembered. He was too stunned to do anything, even use his power to see what would happen next. He just sprang to his feet, ignoring the searing pain in his body and ran down the road.



Wednesday 29 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 9

                           Florence ran.And when she could no longer run she used more shadows to carry herself further away from the danger.She eventually collapsed, exhausted and totally out of power. The bubble of shadows carrying Dragona, Nicolette, Skylara and Israel sank and faded until it lade it's inhabitants on the ground.
                          Skylara was awake.She was badly cut, bruised and had a nasty gash along her cheek but she ignored them and staggered towards Israel. He was barely breathing. She ripped off his linen shirt and examined the wound on his chest.It looked like he'd been stabbed by a dagger.
                          She *fished* around in her pocket for a *yellow* tube of paste she'd received from Kenspeckle a few weeks earlier, when she'd been running in horse form and badly cut her leg on barbed wire.She had just over half of it left. Squeezing the remainder of the tube into his wound, she looked around.Nicolette was awake and shaking Florence. Dragona looked the least injured but was very pale. And Leo . . .
                        'Where is Leo?'she asked, massaging the paste into Israel. Florence suddenly sat bolt upright. She got to her feet but when she went to take a, step she collapsed once again.she began to sob. Skylara was speechless for a moment seeing the leader of there group *breakdown* but became worried in an instant.
                        'Where IS he Florence?!?!?',her voice grating Florence's ears.She opened her mouth to speak but no words came. Instead she dug her fingers into the soft earth. No one even noticed it was raining. Shadows swirled around Florence, so dark they seemed to absorb the dull light. She rose off the ground gaining power from something buried underground. The sheer power radiating from her was amazing.
                         'Skylara', her voice echoing and shaking with tears and power.'He's still there, Sky, I'm so sorry but he said he had a plan!! Can you come with me and help? Please I need you!!'. She sounded strained and helpless for he first time since they'd met. Whether she should or not Skylara's conscience would'n allow her not to go.
                        She transformed into a majestic *bald*  eagle and Florence swished her arms and was enveloped in shadows. Along-side each other they soared into the  dull, cloudy sky.Nicolette watched them soar. she dragged herself to Israel's side and took over Skylara's job.she checked his pulse.It was almost normal if a little erratic.He jolted awake and sat up his forehead cracking off Nicolette's.
                       'Don't let them go!!!They'll die!!',his voice coming out in a rasp.'No . .' he fell back into unconsciousness. Dragona and Nicolette looked at each other.
                        'Well, what now?' said Dragona after a short pause.

                             'We follow them'stated Nicolette simply and got unsteadly to her feet and began walking back down the road.

            'Women' said Dragona ,shaking his head, yet following Nicolette back to the  town.

Monday 27 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 8

                            We were weakening. Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel were tiring and injured in some way or another. Israel was in a really bad way, unconscious blood pumping down his chest, only protected by a wall of air and fire conjured by the faltering Dragona and Nicolette. Only Florence and me stayed strong and kept fighting. With the power-line around my body I could have kept fighting forever and Florence got her power from the people we killed. We were winning.
                           Were.Until the power line shorted out. I quickly send signals down the line to over-ride the safety cut off, while Florence protected me with a shield of shadows. However, while this was happening, the possessed regrouped and encircled us. They were angered now and what ever they were meant to be doing took a back seat to revenge.By the time I fixed it the possessed were making a circle of power, and let loose a mix of all their strongest attacks.
                        Shadow, fire, air, and brute force struck the shield of darkness and electricity protecting the six of us.It would have caved in had Dragona not gotten to his feet and reinforced it with air.He fell to the floor again completely drained.With a nod Florence and me pushed the shield of force at the attackers.
                        We turned and I threw more lightning prongs over my shoulder.Florence carried Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel in a bubble of shadow and went to run back the road we'd come.'Come on Leo!' She said,her voice panicky and worried.'We just can't win, there are too many!!'
                         'Take 'em and go!!'I roared and flung more lightning at the mages.'I have a plan'. I could tell she wasn't too happy about leaving me there but she couldn't force me without putting us all in danger.She drew more power from the fallen sorcerers and sprinted down the road,the bubble following her.
                         Alone.Maybe it wasn't such a good plan. They threw everything they had at me but instead of trying to block there attacks, I held my arms by my sides and threw lightning at the ground. The idea was that I would be propelled into the air be the force of the bolt and land on the roof of the house beside me but the reality was harsher. Reality is always harsher.                      
                         I was pushed into the air but I sent bits of road flying everywhere,leaving a gaping crater in it.I also went too high and kinda started spinning in the air, my limbs flailing. I didn't even go up sideways so when I fell I would land in the jagged ground the bolt had made not on the flat terraced house.
                         Then I reached the peak and began to fall to my deat.
                                           Ahhhh .  .  .  .  .My plans never work.