Monday 4 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 12

                             I ran around Kallista and flung a powerful bolt of lightning at the pure remnant. It ducked down under the attack but one-on-one was where I was in my element.Before it could pull up I sent a wall of static at the area it was in. It wasn't powerful but it distracted it long enough for me to charge up a powerful ball of electricity, like a plasma ball. It hit the center of the remnant's ghostly body and it shrieked an inhuman scream and almost completely dissipated.
                            I had no emotional problem killing this creature. It was completely evil, one of the most vile things ever to darken the earth.Just as I prepared to throw another bolt to kill it, two objects became visible in the night's sky. Obscured by the rain, I prepared for a big fight and Kallista, who until now stood behind me watching, stepped up beside me , flames in hand.
                              The remnant was still trying to regain it's solid form when the smaller of the two shapes changed into something that looked human. They were still too far away to see their faces but I could already tell it was Skylara. I still didn't drop my guard on the chance she might be possessed. Praying she wasn't, I walked over to the place they'd landed .What was the other thing?
                              A cloud of shadows landed beside her, and it gracefully unwrapped, revealing Florence. Skylara began running towards us in human form.'STOP', I roared, not willing to take that chance.'Prick your fingers and show us your blood',I called, my voice sounding commanding.Black was not my favourite colour now. Black was very,very bad in this situation.
                              We couldn't go up close but Kallista again displayed her magical prowess by moving the drops of blood through the air.Both red.I ran and hugged both of them in a grip that would have hurt Bliss.Skylara hugged back but Florence just looked awkward. Embarrassed. No guilty.'What's wrong?',I asked, her after it broke off.'Nothing . . . it's just I am not used to . . . ya know. . .hugging',she finished, lamely.
                              Before I could question her more, a hum of what seemed like a vacuum broke the awkward silence,well, as silent as a storm could get.We stared down the road and saw what looked like a kind of flat tornado heading for us down the street. Kallista reached out her hands and screwed up her face in concentration.Then relaxed and smiled'It's OK, I think they're friendlies and is Dragona Pine travelling with you by any chance? They dropped out of the bubble and fell hard on the ground. Dragona smiled at Kallista.
                              'How do ye two know each other?',I asked,happier than ever at such a normal conversation. That was utterly ruined when a Silver Porsche with scorch marks on the bonnet came rocketing down the road.It skidded sideways as the driver slammed the handbrake and jumped out of the car.Israel jumped out of the car and ripped his specially engraved gun from his holster.

     Then he pointed it at one of us.And then he shot it.And I was shocked out of my mind that he did.


  1. cool! i think that flo did something bad the question is, what? read my fanfic!

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  3. No! No! No! No! No! You are not going to leave me in suspense!!!!!!!!! Arg! *ripping hair out in dispair* Find a happy place. Find a happy place. *curled up in dark corner, rocking back and forth*
    Very exciting, Leo! Lol I'm glad you got this posted. My computer crashed today too. It was awful! I can't wait for the next part, Leo!
    *whispering* Skip school tomorrow and write the story instead! Tee hee!

  4. Awesome Leo! JUST PLAIN AWESOMMEEE!!!

    I started writing that fan-fic idea, Leo, even though i have to write the OTHER fan-fic to. *grumble grumble* i still got like ten parts to go....

    *evil grin* heheh, am i possessed or just re-living an old war-memory? either way...wmahahah~!

  5. why does everyone suspect me......*looks around*



    its one of the best fan-fics out there, and yet no-one is reading it...stupid no-ones...


  7. thanks hell boy but i don't know how well that will work . . . advertise to who i mean? like almost everyone who is on the blog alot is reading it. . . i'm sad . . .