Saturday 18 December 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 20

                  I reached for Nicolette first because she'd saved me way more times than Kallista(That really shouldn't be a factor should it?). The dagger was still in her stomach and I didn't pull it out because it would probably make her to bleed faster but I didn't have a way to stop the bleeding so I tore a bit off my white-ish shirt and wrapped it around the dagger to stem the flow.
                 Now Kallista. She wasn't bleeding as bad as Nicolette and the dagger didn't go as deep but if I couldn't stop either of there bleeding then there was no point to this. Yeah ,like i'm not even going to try. I ripped off my shirt and stuffed it into her wound. Well, I've had to do worse things . . .  I heard her moan and looked at her face. Her eyelids fluttered and her face was red. I grabbed her wrist and felt her pulse. It was all over the place probably because of my bolt. Yeh even more stuff thats my fault.
                I laid my hands on her shoulders and sent weak electrical waves through her body in an effort to slow her heart and regulate her pulse.Come on Kallista!! Relax will you!!!!! After a moment the waves melded with her heartbeat and I let go. That would have slowed the bleeding but I still had no way to stop it.Maybe I should have been a healer instead of a human generator. . .The car!
               I sprinted to the slightly charred Porsche and leaped over bodies of the recently possessed. There has to be stuff in the car. Florence must have just had the same idea and as I turned the corner I saw her rummaging in the dashboard and under the seats. I reached the car as she took out a small, tattered box with a faded green cross on it. Inside though,were the materials capable of curing almost anything.
               She opened it and tipped it out on the car seat. Shit. There were only a few half empty tubes and bandages inside it.We looked at each other.'Thats not enough',I said darkly, me telling what we were both thinking.'We can't heal all of them with only this and if we only give each one a small bit then none of them might make it.'
                Florence looked up at me 'Pick one to give it to.'

                                         Thats when my world fell apart

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 19

               Crack.A bolt went to intercepted the shadow intended to blast the remnant apart. It swooped down below my attack and got to Florence. Dam. But as it latched onto her face shadows burst from her own mouth. For a moment thought she had been possessed too but the shadows kept coming a river of darkness. The shadows didn't fall but they pooled around in a sphere around the remnant. The ball of darkness should have opaque but I could easily make out a kind of darkness within the darkness.  Hmm, That should so be happening. 
              'Just blast it Leo',roared Florence, who was struggling to keep the remnant contained. I gathered a ball of electricity -  now blue - and flung it into the heart of the shadows. They seemed to let the ball slide through and it collided with the center in a flurry of blue purple and black fireworks.It's gone . . .
              I looked around at the devastation in the town. The piles of bodies drifted into the background as I ran to Kallista and Nicolette. Florence, after taking a moment to recover from the strain of the sphere, ran for Skylara and Israel, who were sprawled on the ground. Dragona would have to wait a while. Blood was pooled around Kallista and Nicolette. There was so much I couldn't tell who's it was. Thats when you know it's bad.

Thursday 28 October 2010

Ok first off hellboy you are still in the current Fan fic!!! So you'll be in a few more yet!!!! Keep writing that Story please!!!!

So far the people in my PROLOGUE are:

1) Leo Sparks
2) Skylara Wolfbane
3) Florence Black
4) Nicolette Croga
5) Brigid Whiplash
6) Dragona Pine
7) Kallista Pendragon

Alex i Can't put you in because i already have a load of characters and your character is kinda overpowered for the way i was planning the story to go!!! Sorry!!!!!! Hellboy if i find a way i'll bring you into it maybe as an unseen force or something . . .

Is that ok?

also i MAY have SLIGHTLY let me Story go off the walls a bit and MARGINALLY forgotten about Skylara and Israel!!! i have too many characters!!!! also let be noted that not everyone will be coming into the story at the beginning . . . be warned . . .phew long comment . . .

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ok!! almost time for the prologue!!!!!

                  OK people, I'm getting close to finishing this story so when it's done I'm going to write another story on how I discovered magic, who thought me it, how it led up to these events and so on. I'm planning on finishing around Fan fic 20-22. For people not in it at the moment, I want anyone interested in being in it to comment below and ask!!!! I might put you in but no promises! Also I can't bring in Israel but I might write a bit on Kallista and Dragona and how they know each other!!!Sorry!!! Everyone in it now will be there but you mightn't come into it until later so don't worry!! so anyone interested get commenting!!!! 

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 18

                        The bolt wouldn't have killed Nicolette but the dagger along with it made Kallista's chances slim. I knew that. Dragona didn't. He sprang to his feet and roared as he charged at Nicolette, skipping magic and going straight for a physical attack. This was evidently a mistake.
                       Nicolette was taken by surprise but there was too much distance between them for a surprise attack. He would have been burnt to a cinder if Florence hadn't made a wave of shadows intercept the flames that shot out of her cupped hands. Remembering magic, he swept his arms upward and he shot over the flames. Nicolette couldn't see him due to the flames and his foot met her face and she went sprawling.
                       Florence's shadows suddenly felt no resistance and she pushed them out hoping to hit Nicolette. She had no idea that Dragona was the one was hit. Thinking she'd found her target she compressed the shadows to trap and constrict her opponent. It happened so fast I didn't have time to shout at her to stop. Nicolette was lying on the ground, her nose bleeding but she was still conscious, rolling around in pain. Florence couldn't see her because of the shadows she was casting. Perfect 
                       I jumped up and ran towards Florence while shouting at her to stop. Te only way to help
Dragona and Kallista was to stop the fight. Florence relaxed her shadows slightly but was suspicious of me. Can't blame her.'It's Dragona, not Nicolette!!!' she looked stunned for a moment and thinned the shadows enough to make out Dragona's figure.
                      'Shit!!' Florence abruptly dispersed the shadows and Dragona fell and smacked onto the ground. Nicolette had made it back to her feet. Blood pumped down her face . . . and yet she smiled. Dragona got to his feet unsurely and turned to face Nicolette. She pushed herself backwards over Kallista with the air. She bent down and touched her check tenderly. Blood was flowing from the wound in her chest. Suddenly she grabbed the knife lodged in Kallista's stomach and ripped it out. Kallista's eyes opened in shock.  Alive.
                     'Well done, you've beaten up your friend and killed another in the process', she said, her voice sounded as if she was making a joke' Now lets see how you get on in level two'. She took the dagger in both hands and laughed again. She threw back her head and opened her mouth as she plunged the dagger into her own stomach. A black shadow flew out of her mouth as she crumpled to the ground beside Kallista. he shadow lingered for a moment, then flew. At Florence.

Friday 22 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 17

                                   Crack. Florence's body jerked violently and water spewed from her mouth.She coughed weakly and turned her head slightly her eyes open a crack. Alive. I breathed a sigh of relief and gave her a weak smile, despite my broken bones. Both my left arm and leg were too painful to use but I managed to pull myself to  a standing position hand dangling uselessly and bent leg raised slightly off the ground. I looked at the fearsome duel occurring between Kallista and Nicolette.
                                 They were both master elementals and the fight that was ensuing was among the most skillful and deadly I had ever seen. Fire chocked by air, twisted by water, diverted back, majestic dodging and all out fighting made it an amazing spectacle to behold. Both obviously hnd practiced their magic no end but Kallista looked like the better bet. She was around the same age as Nicolette but even though Nicolette was more powerful than usual Kallista moved with unending grace and attacked at the perfect moment every time. None looked like they were tiring though.
                                  Florence was rolling around moaning in pain on the road. I couldn't help her anymore so I half hopped, half dragged myself over to Dragona's side. His skin was deep scarlet but although painful were not deadly or likely to scar him with his magic. He was conscious and looked onward to the fight, his face a mixture of awe and concern. For who? He was good friends with Nicolette but how did he know Kallista? When they met it was like too best friends reuniting. Yet still the battle continued.
                                 My new found power encircled me again asking me what to do. I outstretched my good arm and summoned sparks to my palm. Nicolette was my target. She drew a dagger at an amazing speed and flung it at my as I threw a continuous bolt of near deadly lightning at her. It intercepted the bolt but was deflected back to her. She was expecting this and flicked her wrist deflecting the electrical steel blade at Kallista. She had used the distraction of me to try and sneak up closer so didn't have time to move out of the way in the time it took the dagger to reach her. It hit her in the stomach and she was jerked backwards from the combined force of the blade and the electrical current that swept through her body.She screamed and landed in a crumpled heap on the ground.
                                 It happened so fast I barely registered what had taken place. Dragona cried out in sheer despair. Florence gasped audibly in shock. I fell to the ground, tears streaming down my cheeks. And Nicolette . . .Nicolette broke into a smile. Nicolette laughed.

Monday 18 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 16

                                  I kinda knew what was happening this time so I focused on shooting over to Florence in a bolt but not hitting her.A flash and I was falling beside Florence. I reached out and grabbed her soaking wet cloak . I gathered sparks to lift me again but a rough pull of air caught me by surprise. A vacuum . . .Shit! We spun in the air and smacked onto the slanted roof of a semi-detached house.
                                  I got my foot into the gutter but the rain was so heavy Florence slid off the roof. My wrist was wrapped in the folds of her cloak. She swung off the roof but was kept aloft but my arm. It twisted around and a snap came with agonizing pain. An unnatural gust of wind pushed my chest off the roof and I flipped around my supporting leg acting as a hinge. It got caught and with a scream my foot contorted backwards and snapped muscles, ligaments and bone.
                                  The plastic gutter couldn't hold us both and fell away from the roof. We would have smacked into the driveway had Kallista not sprang down the road and caught us in a solid cloud of air. Kallista turned around to be hit in the face by an invisible fist. Nicolette was strolling down the street, laughing. She swung her fist again and Kallista stumbled back clutching her face like she'd been punched for real. Air fists . . Nicolette could never manage them before but the remnant enhanced her potential and she cackled as she swung again.
                                   Kallista was ready this time and parried with a wall of air. They attacked each other ferociously. I dragged myself over to Florence. The pain from every movement was excruciating but she wasn't breathing. I pumped electricity into my good hand, thought Clear, and pressed it hard onto her chest. I though what would happen if I'd overdone it or if she'd need more power or if it was already too late Please,PLEASE work . . 

Thursday 14 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 15

                            A splash of icy water brought me back to my senses. I converted some power into physical energy and sprung to my feet. My powers didn't feel drained at all . . .weird. Dragona was encased in a bubble of  water, only his mouth clear of liquid. Kallista was swirling her arms and contorting her finger manipulating the water around him, soothing his burned flesh. The flame was red so my geeky brain told me it wasn't a hot flame, but I still wanted to help.
                          I took a step forward and was hit by a wave of water. I went flying but used the force of the blow to spin around and land on my feet, though slightly dazed.  Nicolette was smiling her psychotic again rain water gathering around her fists. Florence was standing in front of her shadows dancing around her. She became locked in battle with Nicolette who parried her attacks with the water falling hard onto the ground.
                          Florence and Nicolette looked about evenly matched Nicolette broke into a laugh and pulled her arms into her chest and clenched her hands. All the water around us shot at Florence like a continuous wave.
 It hit her from all directions.It was drowning her. I realized I was standing doing nothing. I ran over to help but the unboned remnant from earlier that I nearly killed swooped down from the sky. It latched onto my face and I staggered back stunned.
                         Instinctively the blue power from earlier burst from my every pore. The remnant was blasted back. This time I was in complete control . I swung my hands upwards, and sparks lifted me into the air.  I sprawled my hands and the remnant was blown apart by an expanding electrical field inside it.I turned to Nicolette. Florence was suspended limply in the ball of water. No . . With a cackle Nicolette swept up her arms and Florence erupted high in to the sky her body thrown like a rang doll. She then sprawled her arms and Flo went soaring off away from me. I felt that amazing power growing within me again, unstoppable.Urghh . . . not again. . . 

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 14

                              Everything froze. Everything was stopped, even the bolt. Everything hinged on this. I wouldn't let this hit Nicolette. I did this and I can stop it. Feeling the power around me, gathering it into something I could use, let it completely envelop me. I tried to pull and disperse the Lightning but nothing happened except a few sparks shot out of it at then froze in time like everything else.
                             Wait . . . This shouldn't be happening. Lightning lasts just over a millisecond and it still hasn't reached Nicolette. I cautiously relaxed. Deep breaths . . . But no air came. I became aware of tingly sensation and I could feel a small drain on my powers. I looked around. Dragona was screaming but I couldn't see any flames. Everyone was staring at him, with hands out-stretched instinctively. Only Kallista was in a stance that seemed like she was about to use her powers, hand's cupped close to her chest, facing Dragona. I could see moisture in her palms already.
                            This feel's nice. I knew I should be panicked out off my mind but I felt like going to sleep right there and then. No!!!! I forced myself to think logically. I was suspended in the air and time was frozen. I couldn't fall or move around but I could still rotate and move my body. My body . . . I looked down and didn't see anything, no body in sight . I spun 360 degrees and still no body. Maybe I'm dead . . .  No panic.My senses were dulling. Relax and it will go away, that's all you have to do . . . 
                             I wish. That wasn't going to happen. Not a chance.This shouldn't be possible though . . . Nothing I could think off could explain this.I thought back to when that anger exploded. Sparks enveloped me . . . completely consumed me . . . . became me . . .
                              It hit me like a rock. I was the bolt headed for Nicolette. This was what it was to be a pure source of energy. It also made me realize that this wouldn't last forever, lightning lasted for a fraction of a second and I was that second. I looked over at Kallista , she had slightly more moisture formed in her hand and her hair  had barely moved in the breeze that I couldn't feel. Barely . . .
                             Now panic set it. I immediately tried to divert the Bolt from it's path and it did move but not the was I intended. A flash and the bolt was now so close to Nicolette that it almost touched off her. But a couple off forks were caught splitting of so the bolt was weakened. Still not weak enough for her to survive though. If I survive, I thought, I'm defiantly taking anger management classes . . Florence could join me . .ha ha . .
                            Calming down and focusing, I began preparing to try again.Doubts began to enter my head. What if it doesn't work?What if I die? What if SHE dies?  Meh ,I might as well try. Power coursed through me for a split second and I pushed outwards with every ounce of strength . I hit the ground hard. I couldn't even find the strength to open my eyes to see if I had succeeded . . .

Friday 8 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 13

                                 It flew at Nicolette. The bullet slowed seemed to fly in slow motion, getting slower the closer it got.  Wait . .It was getting slower. She raised her arms at a speed impossible for a human and swirled her hands, making the air around the bullet heavy and knocking it slightly off course.. In-fact, when the bullet reached her it barely even penetrated her shoulder, but whatever was engraved into Israel's gun flung her off her feet in a wave off blue energy. 
                                 But she regained her composure quickly and cushioned her fall with a blanket of air and landed on her feet. We turned to Israel, ready to attack at the slightest movement. He looked like death warmed up, as he stood limply, gun dangling at his side. Nicolette was the only one who took immediate action.   She used fire to propel her self forward as she ran ,like a rocket. Jesus, I didn't know she was that good. She sped right past me towards Israel, pure anger in her eyes. I noticed something black along her face.Black . . . 
                                 I instinctively pressed my hands out flat and some type of blue plasma shot out off my hands. It struck Nicolette in the side, and she was knocked into a wall of a shop. I looked around to see that the attention had left Israel, and everyone was ready to attack me. Before I could explain, my back was hit by a wall of air. I went flying and would have gone face first into the wall of the opposite house if shadows hadn't caught me like a baseball glove.
                                 I landed on my feet and spun to see why I'd been saved. Florence was turning back to face Nicolette like the others. She had one arm outstretched the other held twisted, useless by her side. Dark black veins covered her normally pretty face, which was contorted into a demented smile. She broke into a shrill laugh and clicked her fingers. Dragona was engulfed in a blue-ish flame. His scream of pure pain and anguish pierced my ears.
                                Anger.Consumed by a power that had never before surfaced, I rose into the air shrouded by dark blue sparks. I never felt so powerful. I could destroy the world. I heard another scream but it faded away to the background, in the hum of my power. The stormy sky was now firing lightning in all directions. I couldn't control this. It controlled me. I raised my arm and pointed a single finger at Nicolette. All that power erupted from me and into her. I saw her face still smiling but with a slight frown , like I'd just said something stupid. I realized that it was me screaming as the energy shot for my body and headed for Nicolette.

Monday 4 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 12

                             I ran around Kallista and flung a powerful bolt of lightning at the pure remnant. It ducked down under the attack but one-on-one was where I was in my element.Before it could pull up I sent a wall of static at the area it was in. It wasn't powerful but it distracted it long enough for me to charge up a powerful ball of electricity, like a plasma ball. It hit the center of the remnant's ghostly body and it shrieked an inhuman scream and almost completely dissipated.
                            I had no emotional problem killing this creature. It was completely evil, one of the most vile things ever to darken the earth.Just as I prepared to throw another bolt to kill it, two objects became visible in the night's sky. Obscured by the rain, I prepared for a big fight and Kallista, who until now stood behind me watching, stepped up beside me , flames in hand.
                              The remnant was still trying to regain it's solid form when the smaller of the two shapes changed into something that looked human. They were still too far away to see their faces but I could already tell it was Skylara. I still didn't drop my guard on the chance she might be possessed. Praying she wasn't, I walked over to the place they'd landed .What was the other thing?
                              A cloud of shadows landed beside her, and it gracefully unwrapped, revealing Florence. Skylara began running towards us in human form.'STOP', I roared, not willing to take that chance.'Prick your fingers and show us your blood',I called, my voice sounding commanding.Black was not my favourite colour now. Black was very,very bad in this situation.
                              We couldn't go up close but Kallista again displayed her magical prowess by moving the drops of blood through the air.Both red.I ran and hugged both of them in a grip that would have hurt Bliss.Skylara hugged back but Florence just looked awkward. Embarrassed. No guilty.'What's wrong?',I asked, her after it broke off.'Nothing . . . it's just I am not used to . . . ya know. . .hugging',she finished, lamely.
                              Before I could question her more, a hum of what seemed like a vacuum broke the awkward silence,well, as silent as a storm could get.We stared down the road and saw what looked like a kind of flat tornado heading for us down the street. Kallista reached out her hands and screwed up her face in concentration.Then relaxed and smiled'It's OK, I think they're friendlies and is Dragona Pine travelling with you by any chance? They dropped out of the bubble and fell hard on the ground. Dragona smiled at Kallista.
                              'How do ye two know each other?',I asked,happier than ever at such a normal conversation. That was utterly ruined when a Silver Porsche with scorch marks on the bonnet came rocketing down the road.It skidded sideways as the driver slammed the handbrake and jumped out of the car.Israel jumped out of the car and ripped his specially engraved gun from his holster.

     Then he pointed it at one of us.And then he shot it.And I was shocked out of my mind that he did.

Sunday 3 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 11

                                      (While all that was going on this is what happened to me)

                         I was falling into the crater I'd made. This was the end. I noticed how bad the weather was . Ha. The rain was falling at the same speed as I was. I continued rotating in the air from my horribly thought out plan when the rain sped up. Then I realized I was slowing down. A young, female sorcerer stepped out from the crowd, manipulating the air as she walked.A Saviour??I landed softly at the jagged edge of the hole.
                        There was an outcry of rage from the remnants who wanted me dead. But as she came closer I saw black lips and veins of a possessed. She had Asian features and dark long hair but pale skin. She wore a flowery kimono but it was tight fitting, made for everyday wear.She spoke with no accent but her voice filled with contempt and loathing,'I want his body, he's stronger than this useless vessel'
                       She opened her mouth and a black mist left her and flew at me.I threw a few leftover sparks at it but it easily recovered and flew at me again.The girl it had inhabited was ,amazingly, still conscious and she swung her arms towards me. I was pushed out of the way by a wall of air before the remnant could dive into me.
                      With as much effort it would ever again take me I got to my feet and turned to help. She was using advanced air techniques to avoid attacks and the shrieking loose remnant. I was tapped out and there was nothing in the area I could see to recharge myself. I shuffled to a broken window and climbed into some unfortunate persons living room. I dragged myself to an electrical socket on the wall and pressed my palm against it.
                       I felt the power in the line and pulled at it with my magic.Power surged through my body. I converted it to more magic and physical energy. This wouldn't be constant flow so I took my time and fully recharged, even taking the time to make my dagger more conductive. My magic was storing and manipulating the energy into much more volatile sheer power.With this in me I might escape.
                      With a jolt I remembered about the mysterious woman who saved me, and I jumped out the window. She was still skillfully dodging attacks but she was sweating, growing tired. I took the dagger Nicolette had given me and ran through the crowd, stabbing and slashing while sending thousands of volts of power down the blade.Sorcerers fell all around me, thinning the amount of attacks heading for the woman .
                     She turned on the offensive throwing streams of fire, cutting off air supplies and using water to slow down her opponents. The rain was coming down in buckets and we both used this to our advantage.She did something unheard of. She actually froze the water on the possessed, then made air bubbles around there heads to knock them out. I ,eager to out-do her, send a strong current into one of the possessed and used the water as a conductor to keep the current going so almost all of them were severely shocked or knocked unconscious.
                     We finished the last few off by cutting off their air supply and using fists as tasers. When the last of the possessed was incapacitated we took a moment to look around. Well over one hundred people lay either dead or stunned on the ground. I felt proud but then almost instantly guilty. I killed innocent people. 
                      'Thank you' I blurted as I turned to the woman.'If you hadn't helped I would be dead or worse by now.You were amazing! How did you freeze . .' She cut me off with a wave of her hand.Then she reached hers out.
                      'Kallista Pendragon at your service', she said, smiling a Mona Lisa smile.'How may I help you now?   Just then the loose remnant from earlier came flying down the street behind Kallista's back.Not again . . .

Saturday 2 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 10

                               My fan-fic is nearly done and i'm going to do a kind prologue about how the characters met. Almost all the characters in the story at the moment will be in it except maybe Israel/hellboy. Sorry!!! But that won't be for another 4 or 5 fan fics so I hope that's OK!!!!

                                It was lashing rain and the wind was rushing into their face's, buffeting their progress.Florence was encased in shadow's which adsorbed most of the force but Skylara was completely open  to the elements. She contorted her body to be aerodynamic but still the rain pushed her downwards. Jes Flo, how far did you run??. But still they battled on, determined to reach Leo before the worst. What is the worst??. Florence shivered at the thought.


                                Nicolette and Dragona wrapped themselves in a bubble of air protecting them from the stormy weather. They lifted themselves slightly off the ground and in their sphere, they propelled themselves down the way they'd came, passing over the charred mess from earlier. Dragona was drained and wanted nothing more than to rest, but Nicolette seemed like she hadn't just been in one of the toughest fights of her life. She seemed stronger than usual in fact. Dragona put it down to determination. She's known Leo for much longer than me, she is probably worried. He pushed all thoughts from his mind and concentrate on getting to Leo before it's too late.


                              Israel woke up in a strange place, under a tree in the middle of a storm. Weirdly, it wasn't his first time. That shouldn't be a good thing, he thought calmly, before reality set in. Where was everyone else? Memories came back of the fight he'd been in, but they were sluggish and blurred. He tried to sit up but felt a sharp pain in his chest. He looked down and did a double take as he saw the hole in his chest. It was a miracle he was alive and that whatever had stabbed him had missed his heart and hadn't been long enough to puncture his lungs. It even seemed to be healing even as he looked at it. He laid back shocked the heavy rain pelting down on his face. Then questions flooded in. How did I get here? Why aren't I bleeding out? How did I get hurt?                            
                            Then he remembered. He was too stunned to do anything, even use his power to see what would happen next. He just sprang to his feet, ignoring the searing pain in his body and ran down the road.



Wednesday 29 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 9

                           Florence ran.And when she could no longer run she used more shadows to carry herself further away from the danger.She eventually collapsed, exhausted and totally out of power. The bubble of shadows carrying Dragona, Nicolette, Skylara and Israel sank and faded until it lade it's inhabitants on the ground.
                          Skylara was awake.She was badly cut, bruised and had a nasty gash along her cheek but she ignored them and staggered towards Israel. He was barely breathing. She ripped off his linen shirt and examined the wound on his chest.It looked like he'd been stabbed by a dagger.
                          She *fished* around in her pocket for a *yellow* tube of paste she'd received from Kenspeckle a few weeks earlier, when she'd been running in horse form and badly cut her leg on barbed wire.She had just over half of it left. Squeezing the remainder of the tube into his wound, she looked around.Nicolette was awake and shaking Florence. Dragona looked the least injured but was very pale. And Leo . . .
                        'Where is Leo?'she asked, massaging the paste into Israel. Florence suddenly sat bolt upright. She got to her feet but when she went to take a, step she collapsed once again.she began to sob. Skylara was speechless for a moment seeing the leader of there group *breakdown* but became worried in an instant.
                        'Where IS he Florence?!?!?',her voice grating Florence's ears.She opened her mouth to speak but no words came. Instead she dug her fingers into the soft earth. No one even noticed it was raining. Shadows swirled around Florence, so dark they seemed to absorb the dull light. She rose off the ground gaining power from something buried underground. The sheer power radiating from her was amazing.
                         'Skylara', her voice echoing and shaking with tears and power.'He's still there, Sky, I'm so sorry but he said he had a plan!! Can you come with me and help? Please I need you!!'. She sounded strained and helpless for he first time since they'd met. Whether she should or not Skylara's conscience would'n allow her not to go.
                        She transformed into a majestic *bald*  eagle and Florence swished her arms and was enveloped in shadows. Along-side each other they soared into the  dull, cloudy sky.Nicolette watched them soar. she dragged herself to Israel's side and took over Skylara's job.she checked his pulse.It was almost normal if a little erratic.He jolted awake and sat up his forehead cracking off Nicolette's.
                       'Don't let them go!!!They'll die!!',his voice coming out in a rasp.'No . .' he fell back into unconsciousness. Dragona and Nicolette looked at each other.
                        'Well, what now?' said Dragona after a short pause.

                             'We follow them'stated Nicolette simply and got unsteadly to her feet and began walking back down the road.

            'Women' said Dragona ,shaking his head, yet following Nicolette back to the  town.

Monday 27 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 8

                            We were weakening. Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel were tiring and injured in some way or another. Israel was in a really bad way, unconscious blood pumping down his chest, only protected by a wall of air and fire conjured by the faltering Dragona and Nicolette. Only Florence and me stayed strong and kept fighting. With the power-line around my body I could have kept fighting forever and Florence got her power from the people we killed. We were winning.
                           Were.Until the power line shorted out. I quickly send signals down the line to over-ride the safety cut off, while Florence protected me with a shield of shadows. However, while this was happening, the possessed regrouped and encircled us. They were angered now and what ever they were meant to be doing took a back seat to revenge.By the time I fixed it the possessed were making a circle of power, and let loose a mix of all their strongest attacks.
                        Shadow, fire, air, and brute force struck the shield of darkness and electricity protecting the six of us.It would have caved in had Dragona not gotten to his feet and reinforced it with air.He fell to the floor again completely drained.With a nod Florence and me pushed the shield of force at the attackers.
                        We turned and I threw more lightning prongs over my shoulder.Florence carried Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel in a bubble of shadow and went to run back the road we'd come.'Come on Leo!' She said,her voice panicky and worried.'We just can't win, there are too many!!'
                         'Take 'em and go!!'I roared and flung more lightning at the mages.'I have a plan'. I could tell she wasn't too happy about leaving me there but she couldn't force me without putting us all in danger.She drew more power from the fallen sorcerers and sprinted down the road,the bubble following her.
                         Alone.Maybe it wasn't such a good plan. They threw everything they had at me but instead of trying to block there attacks, I held my arms by my sides and threw lightning at the ground. The idea was that I would be propelled into the air be the force of the bolt and land on the roof of the house beside me but the reality was harsher. Reality is always harsher.                      
                         I was pushed into the air but I sent bits of road flying everywhere,leaving a gaping crater in it.I also went too high and kinda started spinning in the air, my limbs flailing. I didn't even go up sideways so when I fell I would land in the jagged ground the bolt had made not on the flat terraced house.
                         Then I reached the peak and began to fall to my deat.
                                           Ahhhh .  .  .  .  .My plans never work.

Friday 24 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 7

             As we ran down the road we knew someone was coming for us but we didn't know when. A very unfortunate rat that scurried across the road was blasted into oblivion by four simultaneous energy balls.My heart nearly burst not from the running but the anticipation.Any moment someone could attack. Would attack, I corrected myself.
            We entered another seemingly deserted village on the foot of the mountain, growing tired. Suddenly there was a flash. There was a collective cry of pain. Blackness everywhere. Crushing. Constricting. Consuming. NO!!! So close!!Not now, now here.So dam close!!. I let a ball of pure power expand from deep within me, forcing the darkness away from me. Light pierced the black oblivion and I was free. Drained before the fight ever began, but free. I looked across and Florence dropped out of the black orb surrounding her with what looked like great effort. Necromancy.
               We were surrounded by sorcerers dressed in flowing black robes. They had there arms raised and eyes closed, concentrating on keeping the shadows around Nicolette,Skylara,Dragona and Israel. I gathered all my energy and blasted lightning at as many mages as I could in quick succession. Most fell down ,either unconscious or stunned but five of them protected themselves with shadows and stayed standing.But it was enough.
              Florence thinned the shadows enough for Nicolette,Skylara,Dragona and Israel to break free.They fought the sorcerers and I dragged myself to a car.I groped around my pocket  for the dagger Nicolette gave me.I cut a hole in the bonnet with it and grabbed the battery, draining its power.With its spark inside me, I let it grow, reinvigorating me.Oh yeah!!
              I felt stronger than ever as I strutted towards the fight. With a swish of my hand the sorcerers were thrown off there feet by a calculated,conservative surge of electricity.Might need it later, I told myself. The others swooped in to finish the job.
             Then from every alleyway, mages poured at us.They had black lips and black veins were visable under there skin but they didn't seem that interested in us at all.In fact most just ran past us and headed for the mountain. Others just threw the odd fireball, more in a mischievous manner than anything .
             'We have to stop them!', I roared. I concentrated and clicked my fingers like an elemental would but instead of fire, a spark ignited the fuel tanks of every car along the street. Sorcerers were engulfed in flame and thrown like rag dolls in all directions. The others looked at me in shock. 'You killed them',said Dragona shocked.'They weren't themselves and you still killed them'
              'They can't be allowed to get to where ever they want to go or many more people will die'I said. Then, shocking even myself with my stark words,'There are casualties in every war'
              Although they didn't want to hear it they knew it was true. Walls of flame shot from Dragona and Nicolette, and Skylara jumped from one possessed to another ,clawing at them as a lynx,charging as a rhino and biting as a wolf. Florence drew more power from each 'enemy' to fall and attacked with ferocious power, shadows slicing and slashing through flesh.
             I threw lightning bolts at the possessed. This time they were charged up to a lethal force. I knocked a power line and wrapped it around me giving me a constant supply of energy.Waves of life-stripping electricity flew down alleys and sidestreets,killing remnants along with innocent sorcerers.Every time I did that it made me want to curl up and die in there places.Saying it's nessassary didn't help one bit.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 6

              We were so close to safety. So close to death. Me and Israel both seemed to be affected the most by the bomb.Israel had the excuse that he'd witnessed our actual deaths but I just felt like I'd cheated death and that should feel good. Sparks were dancing angrily along my skin. Nervous. Distraught. Stunned.That was how I actually felt.
             'People all around us must have seen that explosion', said Nicolette, who seemed the most comfortable with the situation.'We have to move out now or we'll be in for yet another fight. We'll be harder to ambush if we go on foot so leave the car here and we'll walk. We should be there in about fifteen minutes if we run'
             'I agree' said.Israel, getting to grips with himself .'We will be safe for the next  few minutes. I pulled myself together and set off down the road alongside everyone.When we came to the charred mess on the road we slowed to a walk carefully avoiding anything that might be a bit of Jack. I thought I was going to be sick.                        
Once we cleared the mess we began running again but we didn't run out of breath.
             Everyone was on high alert. I had electricity coursing through my body, sparks cackling around my hands. Florence was entwined with shadows swirling around her looking much more solid than usual. Nicolette and Dragona had flames in there hands, while Skylara became a Lynx, her shining eyes probing the dark woods on either side. Even Israel had a gun in hand.
              We were all hoping to get to The Cave and wait the whole thing out. Surely someone like the Skeleton Detective would come and sort everything out and we'd be OK.If all else failed we would be a last resort.We couldn't all die. We ran in the hope that someone would do our duty and we would survive

                                  Of course things just don't work as there planed

Monday 20 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 5

             The Porsche wasn't meant for seven people so Jack ended up being bundled into the boot and Skylara turned into a cat and sat on my lap'Don't even think about stroking me',she said in a purring voice'You won't be able to walk for a month.
             We made our way south to Kerry,every town we passed was eerily quite,with not a soul in sight.Ha,maybe thats a good thing. The one radio station that was actually broadcasting was giving reports of a 'disease' rapidly spreading throughout the country.
             'Are we there yet??' I said, a question me and Dragona took turns in asking. 'Actually, we should be there in about 5 mins' answered Florence, who after much begging and threats was given the right to drive us there.Suddenly, Israel emerged from yet another trance,with a sharp intake of breath.He looked drained and pale but since he'd joined us his face actually showed emotion. Pure terror.
             'Stop the car NOW!!',he ordered. Florence stamped on the brakes and Skylara would have flown through the windscreen if I hadn't grabbed onto her.'What now??', said Dragona sounding more annoyed than frightened 'haven't we been through enough?
            'There is a bomb on the road and Spring-heeled Jack is about to wake up'said Israel, quickly regaining his composure.'I just saw us all die a horrible burning death'Get out NOW!!', he said because everyone paused at this news.Just then a huge thwack knocked the boot of the car and Jack took off down the road at alarming speed.
             Nicolette tried to block him with a wall of air but his momentum carried him through it and all it did was cause him to stumble.

                                                                     Then I felt it.

              There was a laser trip wire on the road and the electric charge alerted me to it. Jack was going to break it. I tried to send a charge to diffuse it but Jack was too fast.Snap. 
              Jack was engulfed in flame as the bomb under the road exploded. Everyone ran out of the car and Dragona and Nicolette doused the flames with the moisture in the air. Florence was engulfed in shadow because she witnessed death without expecting it. But I stayed in the car. All I could think was 'That could have been me'.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 4

          He inspected the Porsche while muttering to himself something about 'should have ran' and 'hate the countryside. He's English anyway, maybe cockney??. The English dude then abandoned the car and took off down at super human speed, covering ground with huge, leaping strides. Jumping jack??No . . . .

          Florence acted first,a tendril of shadows wrapping around his leg causing him to fall head-over-heels. Heels . . . .Spring-heeled jack!!!Nicolette and Dragona pulled at the air causing Jack to be dragged backwards along the road. He made a move to get up but I cut it short with a cackle of lightning, sending his body into a spasm.

          'NO', shouted Jack trying to get up but his body failing him,'Not a CELL!!!'. ' 'Fraid so',I said sending sparks from my fingertips, knocking him unconscious.'Get into the car', said Israel, just emerging from another trance.
          'Why should we listen to you?',said Dragona, his voice hot with anger.'Why didn't you help? Who are you?'

          'I am an adept. I can see a few minutes into the future if I concentrate. I was in Roarhaven when I foresaw the remnant attack.I ran into the forest and tried to escape but more followed me in there. I would have been possessed if I hadn't ran into you and given me time to check which way to go.On the other hand you'd probably be dead if you hadn't followed me. So we are even.  I must ask come with you to wherever your going?. I'm useful and I can keep you from dying at the first opportunity you have. And I won't be much help stranded in the countryside will I?

          'He should come',I blurted out without really thinking'I mean . umm . . he'd be useful . . .and he seems good and he might be our only chance of getting to The Cave.

          'The Cave? What is that? inquired Israel

'An ancient fortification at the heart of Macguillcuddy Reeks.It is virtually impenetrable and you don't realize time has passed while your in it.One second could be a month or a decade in there. It will protect you from a Nuclear bomb and keep you safe until the radiation has passed. But you can put a timer on it so every day or so someone leave and check if the danger has passed. Kinda like if your terminally sick and you freeze your body until a cure has been discovered.'Skylara informed, only to be given daggers by Dragona and Florence
 'Well, he knows too much so we have to bring him now don't we', said Florence, aggitated.

                                     Then Dragona stated darkly 'Or we could kill him'.

Saturday 18 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 3

         Fire, shadows and lightning blasted a path through the sorcerers and everyone sprinted towards the woods hoping to lose our attackers in the untamed forest. I threw thunderbolts over my shoulder hoping to slow them down. But as we neared the first of the trees a mage, dressed in a would-be-smart suit if it wasn't riped in about fifty places, exited the forest looking like he'd run a marathon.
          'Run, there are are remnants following me!!!,'he screamed.If this was true there was no chance of us emerging from the forest either alive or with only our minds in our bodys. Dragona and Nicolette made a wall of air to slow down the sorcerers and Florence swung her swords and many mages were knocked off there feet but more took there place. I however, created an invisible shield of electricity so when the sorcerers broke through the air wall they would receive a nasty shock. Literally.
           The mysterious man went into a kind of self-induced trance while this all was happening which annoyed me so much that an involuntary spark shot from me to him, jolting him awake.The man gave me a glare that would sour milk and said to us,'Follow me if you want to live',
          The man had none of the tell-tail signs of being possessed by a remnant and we knew sooner rather than later we would be overcome by sheer numbers. Following him seemed like the only choice as he broke into a sprint along the edge of the forest just as a pack of unpaired remnants shot out of the woods and caused the sorcerers' view to be obscured for a few precious seconds as we made our escape.
           It was a trap. And it was none too shabby a trap either . They cornered us so we were guaranteed so be possessed .Almost guaranteed. They hadn't accounted for the unknown sorcerer coming to thwart their plan and save us.
           We came to a small country road just as a car was passing by.'Stop the car' he said to all of us but no one imparticular.
           'Let me', I said smugly, glad to be of some practical use. With the wave of my hand the car staled due to 'a battery power surge'.
            'Who are you?', Florence asked the man, her tone slightly hostile.
 'Israel Elysium', he answered without emotion as if he hadn't heard Florence's tone. The driver of the Porsche got out, his face puzzled and annoyed

His face. . .

Everyone adopted a fighting stance (even Israel) when we saw the man's face.

What was his name again. . . . . . .

Dam it . . .

Thursday 16 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 2

        We all packed into Nicolette's undersized car and headed for Roarhaven. We'd planned to battle our way through the remnants to the Roarhaven sanctuary where there was most likely be a stronghold formed by the sorcerers who'd heard about the crisis and barricaded themselves in the Annex,a room build for siege situations that had years worth of imperishable food and was the most protected room in the sanctuary. It could only be opened from the inside which was the main problem. 'We'll worry about that when it comes', I reassured myself
         I was practicing keeping electricity on my finger tips when the car was flung off the road and landed upside down in a field. Ouch!!!. I seemed to be the only one who was hurt as everyone else sprang out of the car, ready for a fight but no one was visible at the other side of the road.
        Dragona and Nicolette conjured flames and I let a ball of lightning grow in my hands illuminating as much ground as possible. Skylara became a fearsome wolf and Florence drew her swords and let shadows curl around them, sharp against the light.
        Behind us came a cackle as a circle of flames erupted around us.'Its a trap', shouted Nicolette battling to keep the flames at bay alongside Dragona but without much success.Skylara became and eagle and soared up high examined the problem  and dived down transforming as she did so.
        'We're surrounded by about 20 sorcerers', she spluttered, having inhaled a lungful of smoke.'The entire population must be infected'
         I concentrate as much power as I could and shouted 'Duck!!' and span as a beam of lightning shot out of me.I fell to my knees with the effort but it penetrated the flames, stunning the mages outside giving everyone a chance to extinguish the flames and attack. Behind the ELEMENTAL sorcerers there were around 50 possessed ADEPTS ready to fight. Too many for 5 sorcerers no matter how strong.
        'RUN!!!' shouted Florence for once losing her cool. That was an indicator of how dire the situation was .
So we ran.

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction

     'Look out', screamed Skylara, as she reverted back to human from a bear.A wall of shadows crashed into my stomach.I was thrown backwards  and would have plummeted of the side of a cliff if Dragona hadn't compacted the air around me to take away the momentum that would have carried me to my doom.
      The young necromancer had tried to punch a tendril of shadows through me but this time I was ready and parried his attack with a bolt of lightning then ran at him through the dispersing shadow I rugby tackled him to the ground and pumped electricity to my hands so they acted like a cattle prod.
      He fell unconscious yet his body lashed out in a mass of flailing limbs and spasms. The young necromancer's elbow cracked against my temple leaving me dazed. But he was defeated and for about 2 whole seconds I felt ecstatic.
     The I looked around and saw how insignificant I had been in the fight. Skylara had knocked out 5 possessed sorcerers while Dragona,Florence and Nicolette has masses of unconscious  bodies scattered around them.Relax. This was your first big fight and you did well.
      Lies and I knew it . I'd be dead if it wasn't for Dragona saving me.
'These Remnants are getting out of hand', gasped Skylara. 'we have to get to the Hibernian.
      'No, they will be under attack by now , we have to find a place to defend and save as many uninfected as possible ', Florence said calmly as if she had had loads of experience fighting hoards of remnants trying not to kill the people they inhabited ' we should be safe at The Cave. We'll go through Roarhaven and pick up as many sorcerers as we can find'
     'Ok , but no criminals',said Skylara ,unsure.
'And let em be taken over by remnants, I don't think so',I piped up trying to sound intelligent as possible
     'Good point',Skylara said brightly but it seemed strained,' to Roarhaven it is'