Wednesday 20 April 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction 22

                        My heart nearly exploded.  Her pleading eyes seemed to bore into my soul begging me not to leave.But I wasn't going to just let her die. What the hell is making her like this? I felt her forehead. It was hot and clammy. I'm no expert but I knew that was bad. She was beginning to writhe on the ground and I knew she couldn't breath properly. She was badly allergic to nuts and I had seen her like this when she had eaten a slice of a massive birthday cake that had hazelnut chocolate filling. I did warn her.
                       That must be it. I felt along the lining in her jacket trying to find he tiny vial of liquid to stop the reaction. I'd seen her pretend she was a vampire with it before to scare people off and she always wore the same Bespoke jacket. It was in my hand. I said a little prayer of thanks and another of pleas. Work! I jabbed it into her arm but I didn't have a clue if I had to find a special vein or something for it to work and I knew if you did it the completely wrong way it'd kill her.That would be really bad. It would be my fault.
                       I pressed down on the syringe not stopping praying for even a second, my eyes tightly shut. I heard a gasp but her breathing still wasn't back to normal. I forced myself to look and as I did tears began to flow down my face. She was still struggling but her eyes were open and she'd stopped struggling.She looked at me and a tiny smile appeared on her lips.
                      'You would think that I wouldn't have time to eat at a time like this wouldn't you . .',she stopped for a moment to try and catch her breath,' but I just couldn't resist that last brownie in the back of the car' Typical. I was laughing while crying and had a kind of an angry expression on my face which made her laugh but that wasn't good. In a few seconds she was panting again like she'd run a marathon and my face went deadly serious.'Rest'.Reason came over me again. I picked up the little almost empty little yellow tube.And in a flash I was beside Florence.
                     She reacted in a split-second and the tube was gone. The paste was already on Dragona and Nicolette before I could even speak. She gazed up at my stunned face. Then she uttered words that doomed  Kallista and Israel.' These are our friends. The other two aren't.' I could see in her eyes though that those words hurt her as much as it hurt Kallista and Israel.