Friday 24 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 7

             As we ran down the road we knew someone was coming for us but we didn't know when. A very unfortunate rat that scurried across the road was blasted into oblivion by four simultaneous energy balls.My heart nearly burst not from the running but the anticipation.Any moment someone could attack. Would attack, I corrected myself.
            We entered another seemingly deserted village on the foot of the mountain, growing tired. Suddenly there was a flash. There was a collective cry of pain. Blackness everywhere. Crushing. Constricting. Consuming. NO!!! So close!!Not now, now here.So dam close!!. I let a ball of pure power expand from deep within me, forcing the darkness away from me. Light pierced the black oblivion and I was free. Drained before the fight ever began, but free. I looked across and Florence dropped out of the black orb surrounding her with what looked like great effort. Necromancy.
               We were surrounded by sorcerers dressed in flowing black robes. They had there arms raised and eyes closed, concentrating on keeping the shadows around Nicolette,Skylara,Dragona and Israel. I gathered all my energy and blasted lightning at as many mages as I could in quick succession. Most fell down ,either unconscious or stunned but five of them protected themselves with shadows and stayed standing.But it was enough.
              Florence thinned the shadows enough for Nicolette,Skylara,Dragona and Israel to break free.They fought the sorcerers and I dragged myself to a car.I groped around my pocket  for the dagger Nicolette gave me.I cut a hole in the bonnet with it and grabbed the battery, draining its power.With its spark inside me, I let it grow, reinvigorating me.Oh yeah!!
              I felt stronger than ever as I strutted towards the fight. With a swish of my hand the sorcerers were thrown off there feet by a calculated,conservative surge of electricity.Might need it later, I told myself. The others swooped in to finish the job.
             Then from every alleyway, mages poured at us.They had black lips and black veins were visable under there skin but they didn't seem that interested in us at all.In fact most just ran past us and headed for the mountain. Others just threw the odd fireball, more in a mischievous manner than anything .
             'We have to stop them!', I roared. I concentrated and clicked my fingers like an elemental would but instead of fire, a spark ignited the fuel tanks of every car along the street. Sorcerers were engulfed in flame and thrown like rag dolls in all directions. The others looked at me in shock. 'You killed them',said Dragona shocked.'They weren't themselves and you still killed them'
              'They can't be allowed to get to where ever they want to go or many more people will die'I said. Then, shocking even myself with my stark words,'There are casualties in every war'
              Although they didn't want to hear it they knew it was true. Walls of flame shot from Dragona and Nicolette, and Skylara jumped from one possessed to another ,clawing at them as a lynx,charging as a rhino and biting as a wolf. Florence drew more power from each 'enemy' to fall and attacked with ferocious power, shadows slicing and slashing through flesh.
             I threw lightning bolts at the possessed. This time they were charged up to a lethal force. I knocked a power line and wrapped it around me giving me a constant supply of energy.Waves of life-stripping electricity flew down alleys and sidestreets,killing remnants along with innocent sorcerers.Every time I did that it made me want to curl up and die in there places.Saying it's nessassary didn't help one bit.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 6

              We were so close to safety. So close to death. Me and Israel both seemed to be affected the most by the bomb.Israel had the excuse that he'd witnessed our actual deaths but I just felt like I'd cheated death and that should feel good. Sparks were dancing angrily along my skin. Nervous. Distraught. Stunned.That was how I actually felt.
             'People all around us must have seen that explosion', said Nicolette, who seemed the most comfortable with the situation.'We have to move out now or we'll be in for yet another fight. We'll be harder to ambush if we go on foot so leave the car here and we'll walk. We should be there in about fifteen minutes if we run'
             'I agree' said.Israel, getting to grips with himself .'We will be safe for the next  few minutes. I pulled myself together and set off down the road alongside everyone.When we came to the charred mess on the road we slowed to a walk carefully avoiding anything that might be a bit of Jack. I thought I was going to be sick.                        
Once we cleared the mess we began running again but we didn't run out of breath.
             Everyone was on high alert. I had electricity coursing through my body, sparks cackling around my hands. Florence was entwined with shadows swirling around her looking much more solid than usual. Nicolette and Dragona had flames in there hands, while Skylara became a Lynx, her shining eyes probing the dark woods on either side. Even Israel had a gun in hand.
              We were all hoping to get to The Cave and wait the whole thing out. Surely someone like the Skeleton Detective would come and sort everything out and we'd be OK.If all else failed we would be a last resort.We couldn't all die. We ran in the hope that someone would do our duty and we would survive

                                  Of course things just don't work as there planed

Monday 20 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 5

             The Porsche wasn't meant for seven people so Jack ended up being bundled into the boot and Skylara turned into a cat and sat on my lap'Don't even think about stroking me',she said in a purring voice'You won't be able to walk for a month.
             We made our way south to Kerry,every town we passed was eerily quite,with not a soul in sight.Ha,maybe thats a good thing. The one radio station that was actually broadcasting was giving reports of a 'disease' rapidly spreading throughout the country.
             'Are we there yet??' I said, a question me and Dragona took turns in asking. 'Actually, we should be there in about 5 mins' answered Florence, who after much begging and threats was given the right to drive us there.Suddenly, Israel emerged from yet another trance,with a sharp intake of breath.He looked drained and pale but since he'd joined us his face actually showed emotion. Pure terror.
             'Stop the car NOW!!',he ordered. Florence stamped on the brakes and Skylara would have flown through the windscreen if I hadn't grabbed onto her.'What now??', said Dragona sounding more annoyed than frightened 'haven't we been through enough?
            'There is a bomb on the road and Spring-heeled Jack is about to wake up'said Israel, quickly regaining his composure.'I just saw us all die a horrible burning death'Get out NOW!!', he said because everyone paused at this news.Just then a huge thwack knocked the boot of the car and Jack took off down the road at alarming speed.
             Nicolette tried to block him with a wall of air but his momentum carried him through it and all it did was cause him to stumble.

                                                                     Then I felt it.

              There was a laser trip wire on the road and the electric charge alerted me to it. Jack was going to break it. I tried to send a charge to diffuse it but Jack was too fast.Snap. 
              Jack was engulfed in flame as the bomb under the road exploded. Everyone ran out of the car and Dragona and Nicolette doused the flames with the moisture in the air. Florence was engulfed in shadow because she witnessed death without expecting it. But I stayed in the car. All I could think was 'That could have been me'.

Sunday 19 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 4

          He inspected the Porsche while muttering to himself something about 'should have ran' and 'hate the countryside. He's English anyway, maybe cockney??. The English dude then abandoned the car and took off down at super human speed, covering ground with huge, leaping strides. Jumping jack??No . . . .

          Florence acted first,a tendril of shadows wrapping around his leg causing him to fall head-over-heels. Heels . . . .Spring-heeled jack!!!Nicolette and Dragona pulled at the air causing Jack to be dragged backwards along the road. He made a move to get up but I cut it short with a cackle of lightning, sending his body into a spasm.

          'NO', shouted Jack trying to get up but his body failing him,'Not a CELL!!!'. ' 'Fraid so',I said sending sparks from my fingertips, knocking him unconscious.'Get into the car', said Israel, just emerging from another trance.
          'Why should we listen to you?',said Dragona, his voice hot with anger.'Why didn't you help? Who are you?'

          'I am an adept. I can see a few minutes into the future if I concentrate. I was in Roarhaven when I foresaw the remnant attack.I ran into the forest and tried to escape but more followed me in there. I would have been possessed if I hadn't ran into you and given me time to check which way to go.On the other hand you'd probably be dead if you hadn't followed me. So we are even.  I must ask come with you to wherever your going?. I'm useful and I can keep you from dying at the first opportunity you have. And I won't be much help stranded in the countryside will I?

          'He should come',I blurted out without really thinking'I mean . umm . . he'd be useful . . .and he seems good and he might be our only chance of getting to The Cave.

          'The Cave? What is that? inquired Israel

'An ancient fortification at the heart of Macguillcuddy Reeks.It is virtually impenetrable and you don't realize time has passed while your in it.One second could be a month or a decade in there. It will protect you from a Nuclear bomb and keep you safe until the radiation has passed. But you can put a timer on it so every day or so someone leave and check if the danger has passed. Kinda like if your terminally sick and you freeze your body until a cure has been discovered.'Skylara informed, only to be given daggers by Dragona and Florence
 'Well, he knows too much so we have to bring him now don't we', said Florence, aggitated.

                                     Then Dragona stated darkly 'Or we could kill him'.