Tuesday 12 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 14

                              Everything froze. Everything was stopped, even the bolt. Everything hinged on this. I wouldn't let this hit Nicolette. I did this and I can stop it. Feeling the power around me, gathering it into something I could use, let it completely envelop me. I tried to pull and disperse the Lightning but nothing happened except a few sparks shot out of it at then froze in time like everything else.
                             Wait . . . This shouldn't be happening. Lightning lasts just over a millisecond and it still hasn't reached Nicolette. I cautiously relaxed. Deep breaths . . . But no air came. I became aware of tingly sensation and I could feel a small drain on my powers. I looked around. Dragona was screaming but I couldn't see any flames. Everyone was staring at him, with hands out-stretched instinctively. Only Kallista was in a stance that seemed like she was about to use her powers, hand's cupped close to her chest, facing Dragona. I could see moisture in her palms already.
                            This feel's nice. I knew I should be panicked out off my mind but I felt like going to sleep right there and then. No!!!! I forced myself to think logically. I was suspended in the air and time was frozen. I couldn't fall or move around but I could still rotate and move my body. My body . . . I looked down and didn't see anything, no body in sight . I spun 360 degrees and still no body. Maybe I'm dead . . .  No panic.My senses were dulling. Relax and it will go away, that's all you have to do . . . 
                             I wish. That wasn't going to happen. Not a chance.This shouldn't be possible though . . . Nothing I could think off could explain this.I thought back to when that anger exploded. Sparks enveloped me . . . completely consumed me . . . . became me . . .
                              It hit me like a rock. I was the bolt headed for Nicolette. This was what it was to be a pure source of energy. It also made me realize that this wouldn't last forever, lightning lasted for a fraction of a second and I was that second. I looked over at Kallista , she had slightly more moisture formed in her hand and her hair  had barely moved in the breeze that I couldn't feel. Barely . . .
                             Now panic set it. I immediately tried to divert the Bolt from it's path and it did move but not the was I intended. A flash and the bolt was now so close to Nicolette that it almost touched off her. But a couple off forks were caught splitting of so the bolt was weakened. Still not weak enough for her to survive though. If I survive, I thought, I'm defiantly taking anger management classes . . Florence could join me . .ha ha . .
                            Calming down and focusing, I began preparing to try again.Doubts began to enter my head. What if it doesn't work?What if I die? What if SHE dies?  Meh ,I might as well try. Power coursed through me for a split second and I pushed outwards with every ounce of strength . I hit the ground hard. I couldn't even find the strength to open my eyes to see if I had succeeded . . .


  1. OMG! so cool! i like how you describe being in the second!

    What a great way of writing you have!!!! I never would have thought of something like that!!!!!
    Soooooooooooo coooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!
    I must have more! PLEASE LEO, DON'T KEEP ME WAITING!!!!!!!!!

  3. OOOoooooOOOOOoooo!!!!!!!! I love the "I am the bolt" part, that is soooo cool!!!!!

    Dude you seriously have an amazing writing style!! as kallista said DONT KEEP US WAITING!!!

  4. SOOOOO EPICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT WORK LEO!!!!!!!!

    I agree with kallista and necros! post MOAR!!!


    MOOORRREEE!!! please...

  6. OMG!! AWSOME AWSOME AWSOME but...anger managment classes...you will pay for this *shakes fist and sharpening billy-rays nicked razor*