Friday 22 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 17

                                   Crack. Florence's body jerked violently and water spewed from her mouth.She coughed weakly and turned her head slightly her eyes open a crack. Alive. I breathed a sigh of relief and gave her a weak smile, despite my broken bones. Both my left arm and leg were too painful to use but I managed to pull myself to  a standing position hand dangling uselessly and bent leg raised slightly off the ground. I looked at the fearsome duel occurring between Kallista and Nicolette.
                                 They were both master elementals and the fight that was ensuing was among the most skillful and deadly I had ever seen. Fire chocked by air, twisted by water, diverted back, majestic dodging and all out fighting made it an amazing spectacle to behold. Both obviously hnd practiced their magic no end but Kallista looked like the better bet. She was around the same age as Nicolette but even though Nicolette was more powerful than usual Kallista moved with unending grace and attacked at the perfect moment every time. None looked like they were tiring though.
                                  Florence was rolling around moaning in pain on the road. I couldn't help her anymore so I half hopped, half dragged myself over to Dragona's side. His skin was deep scarlet but although painful were not deadly or likely to scar him with his magic. He was conscious and looked onward to the fight, his face a mixture of awe and concern. For who? He was good friends with Nicolette but how did he know Kallista? When they met it was like too best friends reuniting. Yet still the battle continued.
                                 My new found power encircled me again asking me what to do. I outstretched my good arm and summoned sparks to my palm. Nicolette was my target. She drew a dagger at an amazing speed and flung it at my as I threw a continuous bolt of near deadly lightning at her. It intercepted the bolt but was deflected back to her. She was expecting this and flicked her wrist deflecting the electrical steel blade at Kallista. She had used the distraction of me to try and sneak up closer so didn't have time to move out of the way in the time it took the dagger to reach her. It hit her in the stomach and she was jerked backwards from the combined force of the blade and the electrical current that swept through her body.She screamed and landed in a crumpled heap on the ground.
                                 It happened so fast I barely registered what had taken place. Dragona cried out in sheer despair. Florence gasped audibly in shock. I fell to the ground, tears streaming down my cheeks. And Nicolette . . .Nicolette broke into a smile. Nicolette laughed.

Monday 18 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 16

                                  I kinda knew what was happening this time so I focused on shooting over to Florence in a bolt but not hitting her.A flash and I was falling beside Florence. I reached out and grabbed her soaking wet cloak . I gathered sparks to lift me again but a rough pull of air caught me by surprise. A vacuum . . .Shit! We spun in the air and smacked onto the slanted roof of a semi-detached house.
                                  I got my foot into the gutter but the rain was so heavy Florence slid off the roof. My wrist was wrapped in the folds of her cloak. She swung off the roof but was kept aloft but my arm. It twisted around and a snap came with agonizing pain. An unnatural gust of wind pushed my chest off the roof and I flipped around my supporting leg acting as a hinge. It got caught and with a scream my foot contorted backwards and snapped muscles, ligaments and bone.
                                  The plastic gutter couldn't hold us both and fell away from the roof. We would have smacked into the driveway had Kallista not sprang down the road and caught us in a solid cloud of air. Kallista turned around to be hit in the face by an invisible fist. Nicolette was strolling down the street, laughing. She swung her fist again and Kallista stumbled back clutching her face like she'd been punched for real. Air fists . . Nicolette could never manage them before but the remnant enhanced her potential and she cackled as she swung again.
                                   Kallista was ready this time and parried with a wall of air. They attacked each other ferociously. I dragged myself over to Florence. The pain from every movement was excruciating but she wasn't breathing. I pumped electricity into my good hand, thought Clear, and pressed it hard onto her chest. I though what would happen if I'd overdone it or if she'd need more power or if it was already too late Please,PLEASE work . .