Thursday 28 October 2010

Ok first off hellboy you are still in the current Fan fic!!! So you'll be in a few more yet!!!! Keep writing that Story please!!!!

So far the people in my PROLOGUE are:

1) Leo Sparks
2) Skylara Wolfbane
3) Florence Black
4) Nicolette Croga
5) Brigid Whiplash
6) Dragona Pine
7) Kallista Pendragon

Alex i Can't put you in because i already have a load of characters and your character is kinda overpowered for the way i was planning the story to go!!! Sorry!!!!!! Hellboy if i find a way i'll bring you into it maybe as an unseen force or something . . .

Is that ok?

also i MAY have SLIGHTLY let me Story go off the walls a bit and MARGINALLY forgotten about Skylara and Israel!!! i have too many characters!!!! also let be noted that not everyone will be coming into the story at the beginning . . . be warned . . .phew long comment . . .


  1. Huh....I'm not number one?

    Just kidding Leo! Can't wait for your story!

  2. :D im ok with whatevs, Leo. As long as you keep writing this awesome fan-fic, i'm cool!

  3. *looking for a missing Leo......slips on a random banana peel and falls into a thorning bush.....*

  4. *thunks Leo on the head....*
    READ MY FANFIC! Please.
    I know you are busy but I'm gonna start coming after you if you don't post again soon! ;p

  5. Leo u have to come on dereks blog more....

    yay im on the list

    cant wait for more :D

  6. Leo! We miss you a lot!
    I hope you find away to come back soon!

    Currently we are on the overflow blog of Dragona's as we have reached the 5000 comment limit! So until Derek post again, you will find us there.
    Here is the link!

    Hope to see you soon!

  7. So, HMMMMMM??? Where is it??

  8. lol no pressure xD
    Just wondering.

  9. Leo Sparks. Me and the rest of the bloggers are growing worried. It has been about two-three months since you last posted. What has happened? We sorely miss you.
    I hope that all is ok,

    Your friend,


  10. i am back!!! I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    My computer wz broke and i just didn't get time to go on it from another computer!!!!!!!i will post my next fan fic tomorrow!!!!!!I PROMISE!!!!!!

  11. :DDDDD

    YOU'RE BACK! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH YES!!!!!!! Good on you, Leo. I;m glad to here you're ok and it was only the comp. Phwew....

  12. YESHHHH!!!!!! LEO"S BACK!!!!!!!!

    MWUAHAHAHAHA, read part 5 sonny :)