Tuesday 14 December 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 19

               Crack.A bolt went to intercepted the shadow intended to blast the remnant apart. It swooped down below my attack and got to Florence. Dam. But as it latched onto her face shadows burst from her own mouth. For a moment thought she had been possessed too but the shadows kept coming a river of darkness. The shadows didn't fall but they pooled around in a sphere around the remnant. The ball of darkness should have opaque but I could easily make out a kind of darkness within the darkness.  Hmm, That should so be happening. 
              'Just blast it Leo',roared Florence, who was struggling to keep the remnant contained. I gathered a ball of electricity -  now blue - and flung it into the heart of the shadows. They seemed to let the ball slide through and it collided with the center in a flurry of blue purple and black fireworks.It's gone . . .
              I looked around at the devastation in the town. The piles of bodies drifted into the background as I ran to Kallista and Nicolette. Florence, after taking a moment to recover from the strain of the sphere, ran for Skylara and Israel, who were sprawled on the ground. Dragona would have to wait a while. Blood was pooled around Kallista and Nicolette. There was so much I couldn't tell who's it was. Thats when you know it's bad.