Tuesday 26 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 18

                        The bolt wouldn't have killed Nicolette but the dagger along with it made Kallista's chances slim. I knew that. Dragona didn't. He sprang to his feet and roared as he charged at Nicolette, skipping magic and going straight for a physical attack. This was evidently a mistake.
                       Nicolette was taken by surprise but there was too much distance between them for a surprise attack. He would have been burnt to a cinder if Florence hadn't made a wave of shadows intercept the flames that shot out of her cupped hands. Remembering magic, he swept his arms upward and he shot over the flames. Nicolette couldn't see him due to the flames and his foot met her face and she went sprawling.
                       Florence's shadows suddenly felt no resistance and she pushed them out hoping to hit Nicolette. She had no idea that Dragona was the one was hit. Thinking she'd found her target she compressed the shadows to trap and constrict her opponent. It happened so fast I didn't have time to shout at her to stop. Nicolette was lying on the ground, her nose bleeding but she was still conscious, rolling around in pain. Florence couldn't see her because of the shadows she was casting. Perfect 
                       I jumped up and ran towards Florence while shouting at her to stop. Te only way to help
Dragona and Kallista was to stop the fight. Florence relaxed her shadows slightly but was suspicious of me. Can't blame her.'It's Dragona, not Nicolette!!!' she looked stunned for a moment and thinned the shadows enough to make out Dragona's figure.
                      'Shit!!' Florence abruptly dispersed the shadows and Dragona fell and smacked onto the ground. Nicolette had made it back to her feet. Blood pumped down her face . . . and yet she smiled. Dragona got to his feet unsurely and turned to face Nicolette. She pushed herself backwards over Kallista with the air. She bent down and touched her check tenderly. Blood was flowing from the wound in her chest. Suddenly she grabbed the knife lodged in Kallista's stomach and ripped it out. Kallista's eyes opened in shock.  Alive.
                     'Well done, you've beaten up your friend and killed another in the process', she said, her voice sounded as if she was making a joke' Now lets see how you get on in level two'. She took the dagger in both hands and laughed again. She threw back her head and opened her mouth as she plunged the dagger into her own stomach. A black shadow flew out of her mouth as she crumpled to the ground beside Kallista. he shadow lingered for a moment, then flew. At Florence.


  1. Oh wow... I wasn't expecting that... completely and utterly EPIC!

  2. im speechless.......

    dont make me evil tho i havent lived that long yet...

  3. Most Excellent Leo! I love your writing style. Very exciting and suspenceful.
    I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!

  4. awesome! i've forgotten where i am in the story, but that's k!

  5. oh f**k!!!!!!!! I forgot about Israel!!!!!!!! dam it!!!!! SORRY HELLBOY!!! thanks for all the comments but i completely 4got about you!!! . . . .how am i supposed to fix that!?!?!?