Wednesday 27 October 2010

Ok!! almost time for the prologue!!!!!

                  OK people, I'm getting close to finishing this story so when it's done I'm going to write another story on how I discovered magic, who thought me it, how it led up to these events and so on. I'm planning on finishing around Fan fic 20-22. For people not in it at the moment, I want anyone interested in being in it to comment below and ask!!!! I might put you in but no promises! Also I can't bring in Israel but I might write a bit on Kallista and Dragona and how they know each other!!!Sorry!!! Everyone in it now will be there but you mightn't come into it until later so don't worry!! so anyone interested get commenting!!!! 


  1. Well your both in it already!!!!



    so just to be clear....................I'm in your story, right?

  3. Yes Leo... keep me in please... Oh and nice...

  4. CAN I PLEASE BE IN IT? you can pick any of my OC's PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE XD

  5. Well, i would've still liked one last piece in it...but what the hell, i'll be ok.

    Y'know, i'm still kinda writing that story about your character. So many ideas, so little time. It's got everything. Betrayal, flashbacks, action, fire-breathing-cow-eating Dragons....




    .......Ok, well maybe not the dragons...but y'know....

    So, like, the story i'm writing can be just an alternate origins, if you're writing your own origins for Leo.

    Anywayz, good luck!

  6. Ok first off hellboy you are sttill in the current Fan fic!!! So you'll be in a few more yet!!!! Keep writing that Story please!!!!

    So far the people in my PROLOGUE are:

    1) Leo Sparks
    2) Skylara Wolfbane
    3) Florence Black
    4) Nicolette Croga
    5) Brigid Whiplash
    6) Dragona Pine
    7) Kallista Pendragon

    Alex i Can't put you in because i already have a load of characters and your character is kinda overpowered for the way i was planning the story to go!!! Sorry!!!!!! Hellboy if i find a way i'll bring you into it maybe as an unseen force or something . . .

    Is that ok?

    also i MAY have SLIGHTLY let me Story go off the walls a bit and MARGINALLY forgotten about Skylara and Israel!!! i have too many characters!!!! also let be noted that not everyone will be coming into the story at the beginning . . . be warned . . .phew ling comment . . .

  7. actually i'll put it in a post!

  8. hey soooooooo sooooorrrrryyy i haaavveee noooot coommmmennntttteeddd liiikkkeee forrreeevveeerr!
    so sorry. have been sooo busy with homework,cousins,ex-friends ect.
    but LOVE IT!! i just read about 9 parts of your fan-fic in a row since i havent been here for aggeeess and itts fantastic! you ahve mad writing skills leo! ;)