Monday 20 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 5

             The Porsche wasn't meant for seven people so Jack ended up being bundled into the boot and Skylara turned into a cat and sat on my lap'Don't even think about stroking me',she said in a purring voice'You won't be able to walk for a month.
             We made our way south to Kerry,every town we passed was eerily quite,with not a soul in sight.Ha,maybe thats a good thing. The one radio station that was actually broadcasting was giving reports of a 'disease' rapidly spreading throughout the country.
             'Are we there yet??' I said, a question me and Dragona took turns in asking. 'Actually, we should be there in about 5 mins' answered Florence, who after much begging and threats was given the right to drive us there.Suddenly, Israel emerged from yet another trance,with a sharp intake of breath.He looked drained and pale but since he'd joined us his face actually showed emotion. Pure terror.
             'Stop the car NOW!!',he ordered. Florence stamped on the brakes and Skylara would have flown through the windscreen if I hadn't grabbed onto her.'What now??', said Dragona sounding more annoyed than frightened 'haven't we been through enough?
            'There is a bomb on the road and Spring-heeled Jack is about to wake up'said Israel, quickly regaining his composure.'I just saw us all die a horrible burning death'Get out NOW!!', he said because everyone paused at this news.Just then a huge thwack knocked the boot of the car and Jack took off down the road at alarming speed.
             Nicolette tried to block him with a wall of air but his momentum carried him through it and all it did was cause him to stumble.

                                                                     Then I felt it.

              There was a laser trip wire on the road and the electric charge alerted me to it. Jack was going to break it. I tried to send a charge to diffuse it but Jack was too fast.Snap. 
              Jack was engulfed in flame as the bomb under the road exploded. Everyone ran out of the car and Dragona and Nicolette doused the flames with the moisture in the air. Florence was engulfed in shadow because she witnessed death without expecting it. But I stayed in the car. All I could think was 'That could have been me'.


  1. Cool!

    Shame you blew up the Porsche, but TAKE THAT JACK!!!

  2. Awsome i threat ppl so i can drive......

  3. actually the Porsche is still alive maybe the body work is slightly browned but it's still drivable.I hope i made that clear because i'm still in the car when is ends the Porsche survives another day

  4. Ahh. Good bye cousin Jack.

    Good story though!