Sunday 19 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 4

          He inspected the Porsche while muttering to himself something about 'should have ran' and 'hate the countryside. He's English anyway, maybe cockney??. The English dude then abandoned the car and took off down at super human speed, covering ground with huge, leaping strides. Jumping jack??No . . . .

          Florence acted first,a tendril of shadows wrapping around his leg causing him to fall head-over-heels. Heels . . . .Spring-heeled jack!!!Nicolette and Dragona pulled at the air causing Jack to be dragged backwards along the road. He made a move to get up but I cut it short with a cackle of lightning, sending his body into a spasm.

          'NO', shouted Jack trying to get up but his body failing him,'Not a CELL!!!'. ' 'Fraid so',I said sending sparks from my fingertips, knocking him unconscious.'Get into the car', said Israel, just emerging from another trance.
          'Why should we listen to you?',said Dragona, his voice hot with anger.'Why didn't you help? Who are you?'

          'I am an adept. I can see a few minutes into the future if I concentrate. I was in Roarhaven when I foresaw the remnant attack.I ran into the forest and tried to escape but more followed me in there. I would have been possessed if I hadn't ran into you and given me time to check which way to go.On the other hand you'd probably be dead if you hadn't followed me. So we are even.  I must ask come with you to wherever your going?. I'm useful and I can keep you from dying at the first opportunity you have. And I won't be much help stranded in the countryside will I?

          'He should come',I blurted out without really thinking'I mean . umm . . he'd be useful . . .and he seems good and he might be our only chance of getting to The Cave.

          'The Cave? What is that? inquired Israel

'An ancient fortification at the heart of Macguillcuddy Reeks.It is virtually impenetrable and you don't realize time has passed while your in it.One second could be a month or a decade in there. It will protect you from a Nuclear bomb and keep you safe until the radiation has passed. But you can put a timer on it so every day or so someone leave and check if the danger has passed. Kinda like if your terminally sick and you freeze your body until a cure has been discovered.'Skylara informed, only to be given daggers by Dragona and Florence
 'Well, he knows too much so we have to bring him now don't we', said Florence, aggitated.

                                     Then Dragona stated darkly 'Or we could kill him'.


  1. poor jack, he's one of my favs

  2. lol i love it ;)
    yeah i kinda like jack to :(. but thats rich comming from me. skyril's about to beat the living daylights out of him in my fan-fic :D
    anyway hope you do more soon