Wednesday 22 September 2010

Skul-Fan Fiction 6

              We were so close to safety. So close to death. Me and Israel both seemed to be affected the most by the bomb.Israel had the excuse that he'd witnessed our actual deaths but I just felt like I'd cheated death and that should feel good. Sparks were dancing angrily along my skin. Nervous. Distraught. Stunned.That was how I actually felt.
             'People all around us must have seen that explosion', said Nicolette, who seemed the most comfortable with the situation.'We have to move out now or we'll be in for yet another fight. We'll be harder to ambush if we go on foot so leave the car here and we'll walk. We should be there in about fifteen minutes if we run'
             'I agree' said.Israel, getting to grips with himself .'We will be safe for the next  few minutes. I pulled myself together and set off down the road alongside everyone.When we came to the charred mess on the road we slowed to a walk carefully avoiding anything that might be a bit of Jack. I thought I was going to be sick.                        
Once we cleared the mess we began running again but we didn't run out of breath.
             Everyone was on high alert. I had electricity coursing through my body, sparks cackling around my hands. Florence was entwined with shadows swirling around her looking much more solid than usual. Nicolette and Dragona had flames in there hands, while Skylara became a Lynx, her shining eyes probing the dark woods on either side. Even Israel had a gun in hand.
              We were all hoping to get to The Cave and wait the whole thing out. Surely someone like the Skeleton Detective would come and sort everything out and we'd be OK.If all else failed we would be a last resort.We couldn't all die. We ran in the hope that someone would do our duty and we would survive

                                  Of course things just don't work as there planed


  1. Dang! Dragona beat me to 1 st comment! Awesome story, Leo!

  2. awsome leo at lwast i have someone to cheer me up waiting for the next one......