Thursday 14 October 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 15

                            A splash of icy water brought me back to my senses. I converted some power into physical energy and sprung to my feet. My powers didn't feel drained at all . . .weird. Dragona was encased in a bubble of  water, only his mouth clear of liquid. Kallista was swirling her arms and contorting her finger manipulating the water around him, soothing his burned flesh. The flame was red so my geeky brain told me it wasn't a hot flame, but I still wanted to help.
                          I took a step forward and was hit by a wave of water. I went flying but used the force of the blow to spin around and land on my feet, though slightly dazed.  Nicolette was smiling her psychotic again rain water gathering around her fists. Florence was standing in front of her shadows dancing around her. She became locked in battle with Nicolette who parried her attacks with the water falling hard onto the ground.
                          Florence and Nicolette looked about evenly matched Nicolette broke into a laugh and pulled her arms into her chest and clenched her hands. All the water around us shot at Florence like a continuous wave.
 It hit her from all directions.It was drowning her. I realized I was standing doing nothing. I ran over to help but the unboned remnant from earlier that I nearly killed swooped down from the sky. It latched onto my face and I staggered back stunned.
                         Instinctively the blue power from earlier burst from my every pore. The remnant was blasted back. This time I was in complete control . I swung my hands upwards, and sparks lifted me into the air.  I sprawled my hands and the remnant was blown apart by an expanding electrical field inside it.I turned to Nicolette. Florence was suspended limply in the ball of water. No . . With a cackle Nicolette swept up her arms and Florence erupted high in to the sky her body thrown like a rang doll. She then sprawled her arms and Flo went soaring off away from me. I felt that amazing power growing within me again, unstoppable.Urghh . . . not again. . . 


  1. THIS IS AMAZING WRITING, LEO! Very descriptive and intense. I am eager to read the next chapter.
    I hope you don't have any homework this weekend, cause I need you to write MORE!!!!!!

  2. EPICA!!!!!!


    Really, your an awesome writer.

  3. Epic OMG AWESOME ... your a really skilled writer :]

  4. I'm commenting again cause I really want to read the next part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE LEO!!!!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!