Tuesday 4 January 2011

Skul-Fan Fiction 21

                 A torrent of reasoning burst from my lips 'Kallista needs it more than Nicolette, we might be able to move her without her bleeding out but neither will survive if we don't help them right now. Dragona is still unconscious, he might have loads of broken bones from the shadows and he's burned badly. Israel has a hole in his chest and Skylara', a though hit me like a brick.All I could utter was 'Skylara. . .'
               ' I think she's been poisoned, she has a fever and can't breath properly and it's getting worse.We don't have anything for poison we have to move her now'. She said in a rushed way like she was after running and I saw she was trying to hide a limp arm by her side.'I can carry them . . .' I cut her off 'You can barely carry yourself not to mind three or four injured people'. I couldn't keep the anger and frustration out of my voice.
                Forcing myself to calm down, I began to think.I can only carry one and that isn't going to happen we need more medicine. . .Skylara has some!! I again consumed myself with my newfound power and blasted down the street next to Skylara. The sudden change made me dizzy but I held on in there and dived for Her pockets. A yellow almost empty tube containing what would be Kallista and Nicolette's saving grace.I was about to blast off again when I heard a weak attempt at speech from Sky. I bent down closer to here her speak.
              'Don't leave me,please don't leave me' ,she managed to wheeze out, her eyes filled with tears of pain and sadness.'I don't want to be alone when I die'.



  2. aww!!! so dramatic!!!! dont let me dieeeeeee!!!

    amazing leo, but a tad short, DONT LEAVE ME HANGING!

  3. WOW! AMAZING!!! I'm crying as I read it! How can you think this is bad?

    This is FANTASTIC writing Leo! EPIC!!!
    DON'T LET ANYONE DIE!!!!! (Well, I don't care about me) :P


  4. EPICAAAAA!!!!!!!

    Your work is stunning, yet again, Leo.




    Human Inferno

    A burning inferno
    The flames lap against the golden skin
    Sparks crackling and flying in perfect arcs
    A fiery parabola of majesty
    Yet deep in the core of the raging fire
    In the bright white heart of the lightning
    Is a man.

    This unnatural being of human shape
    Unscathed by the heat and the terrible power
    The flesh uncharred, the hair untouched
    The eyes sear with a blinding intensity
    Globes of pure energy and magic
    Windows to the soul of a god

    Torrents of lightning erupt from his fingertips
    Turning the clouds electric blue
    As his body writhes with the pulses
    That travel up and down his being

    Sparks of deepest yellow play amongst his silky hair
    Which stand on end in rigid splendour
    And when he speaks the voice is harsh as the devastation
    Left behind by ravenous beast he controls
    Yet deeply alluring causing all who hear it to lust for his supremacy

    He calls out his name to the world
    “Leo Sparks”
    And as the flames caress his body lovingly
    Tenderly submitting to his might
    A charred and blackened corpse
    Ravaged by lightning, blistered and burnt
    Falls from his arms

    As the women let out her dying screams
    Leo lapped at her life-force
    And the flames grew a little brighter
    And Leo a little taller and golden
    And Leo smiled as another victim
    Fell to his fiery charms.

    This is what I'd imagine evil Leo to be.

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  7. Leo why rename yourself shane?

    and whatwas in the post you deleted?

  8. I don't know what just happened to that but i made an accidental new account. I can't remember exactly what it was but it went something like this:

    Amazing, Awesome and brilliant don't do something like this justice. There are no words to describe yours. Seriously. I REALLY MEAN THAT!!!!!

    Something like that . . .

  9. Leo Sparks.

    We miss you.

    It has been around about a month and five days, give or take. And yet we are still deprived of your presence. Please tell us what's up. Or at least visit one of the blogs. Post the next part of your story, or just have a chat with someone like Kallista. I don't know. But right now, it would suck heaps if you left.

    So please come back.

  10. i'm BACK!!!! i am undecided about my fan-fic . . .it has lost it's way . . . through no fault of my own of course ;)

  11. Well, blogging's not all about the fanfics. You could just talk about life, or hang out with the rest of us at Derek's.

  12. yeah i was yesterday!!!!! i'm on again today!!!!! I am sooo proud of myself!!! i'm not on today because i'm sick and their is nothing else to do . . . I wouldn't do that . . . ;) Nah i am gonna try and stay on more now!!

  13. Please please don't leave me (da da da da da) Please please don't leave me (da da da da da) I always say how i don't need you but i'm always gonna come right back to you, please PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!! (da da da da daaaaaaaa)

  14. HEy Leo. Good to have you back. Don't worry about your fanfic for right now. Just come and chat as Hellboy suggested.
    But I will have to say that I for one, and I know there are others, who really enjoy your awesome fanfic.
    If you are worried about killing off someone don't worry. It's been done before. Both Dragona and Darkane have written some really hard core tragic fanfics.
    And....I will delete this after you read this.....I will let you know a secret. Kallista is not intirely human. She finds this out in chapter 9. I'm trying to write out the part where she finds out what she is.
    I won't say fairy or elf. But I found a name for a magical being that she is. Her human self can be killed. But not her other side. Sounds wierd, I know. But I'm still going to make it work. :)
    So if you want. You can kill her off in your story.
    Just a suggestion. :)