Wednesday 29 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 9

                           Florence ran.And when she could no longer run she used more shadows to carry herself further away from the danger.She eventually collapsed, exhausted and totally out of power. The bubble of shadows carrying Dragona, Nicolette, Skylara and Israel sank and faded until it lade it's inhabitants on the ground.
                          Skylara was awake.She was badly cut, bruised and had a nasty gash along her cheek but she ignored them and staggered towards Israel. He was barely breathing. She ripped off his linen shirt and examined the wound on his chest.It looked like he'd been stabbed by a dagger.
                          She *fished* around in her pocket for a *yellow* tube of paste she'd received from Kenspeckle a few weeks earlier, when she'd been running in horse form and badly cut her leg on barbed wire.She had just over half of it left. Squeezing the remainder of the tube into his wound, she looked around.Nicolette was awake and shaking Florence. Dragona looked the least injured but was very pale. And Leo . . .
                        'Where is Leo?'she asked, massaging the paste into Israel. Florence suddenly sat bolt upright. She got to her feet but when she went to take a, step she collapsed once again.she began to sob. Skylara was speechless for a moment seeing the leader of there group *breakdown* but became worried in an instant.
                        'Where IS he Florence?!?!?',her voice grating Florence's ears.She opened her mouth to speak but no words came. Instead she dug her fingers into the soft earth. No one even noticed it was raining. Shadows swirled around Florence, so dark they seemed to absorb the dull light. She rose off the ground gaining power from something buried underground. The sheer power radiating from her was amazing.
                         'Skylara', her voice echoing and shaking with tears and power.'He's still there, Sky, I'm so sorry but he said he had a plan!! Can you come with me and help? Please I need you!!'. She sounded strained and helpless for he first time since they'd met. Whether she should or not Skylara's conscience would'n allow her not to go.
                        She transformed into a majestic *bald*  eagle and Florence swished her arms and was enveloped in shadows. Along-side each other they soared into the  dull, cloudy sky.Nicolette watched them soar. she dragged herself to Israel's side and took over Skylara's job.she checked his pulse.It was almost normal if a little erratic.He jolted awake and sat up his forehead cracking off Nicolette's.
                       'Don't let them go!!!They'll die!!',his voice coming out in a rasp.'No . .' he fell back into unconsciousness. Dragona and Nicolette looked at each other.
                        'Well, what now?' said Dragona after a short pause.

                             'We follow them'stated Nicolette simply and got unsteadly to her feet and began walking back down the road.

            'Women' said Dragona ,shaking his head, yet following Nicolette back to the  town.


  1. Cool!

    " 'Women' said Dragona ,shaking his head, yet following Nicolette back to the town."

    I love it!

  2. LOL I love this "woman" lol ...AWERSOME! :3

  3. This is sooooooo coooool! Love the drama! Lol But where is Kallista? Is that lazy girl going to abandon her friends when they need help?!?!?!?!?
    Shame! Shame! Shame!
    Write on, Leo! :D

  4. Actually kalista i'll bring you in but someone will have to die later!!! i'll def put you in next 1 or 2 ok?

  5. Leo! success! the apology has been given! i am a master of forseeing futures! yesss!!!!

    awesome story! but why did it have all of the *breakdown* bits? And then it said *bald* and i thought it was some sort of coded retort to florence, but the words just don't make sense.

    what;s happening???

  6. btw leo, your using my Badge!

    *sob sob* and you didnt even comment/ask for it! *epic sob*

  7. wow leo i love it! very,very clever with the yellow fish referance ;) lol it made me laugh!
    carry on writing. ;D

  8. Sorry hellboy!!! Should have asked for it !!!Thanks for the good comments guys!!!

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  10. Ooooooooooh Leo....*calling out in a deadly sing song sort of voice* I see you are not a follower of my blog! *gives Leo the evil eye* may I ask, why not?
    *tapping foot*