Monday 27 September 2010

Skul Fan-Fiction 8

                            We were weakening. Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel were tiring and injured in some way or another. Israel was in a really bad way, unconscious blood pumping down his chest, only protected by a wall of air and fire conjured by the faltering Dragona and Nicolette. Only Florence and me stayed strong and kept fighting. With the power-line around my body I could have kept fighting forever and Florence got her power from the people we killed. We were winning.
                           Were.Until the power line shorted out. I quickly send signals down the line to over-ride the safety cut off, while Florence protected me with a shield of shadows. However, while this was happening, the possessed regrouped and encircled us. They were angered now and what ever they were meant to be doing took a back seat to revenge.By the time I fixed it the possessed were making a circle of power, and let loose a mix of all their strongest attacks.
                        Shadow, fire, air, and brute force struck the shield of darkness and electricity protecting the six of us.It would have caved in had Dragona not gotten to his feet and reinforced it with air.He fell to the floor again completely drained.With a nod Florence and me pushed the shield of force at the attackers.
                        We turned and I threw more lightning prongs over my shoulder.Florence carried Skylara, Dragona, Nicolette and Israel in a bubble of shadow and went to run back the road we'd come.'Come on Leo!' She said,her voice panicky and worried.'We just can't win, there are too many!!'
                         'Take 'em and go!!'I roared and flung more lightning at the mages.'I have a plan'. I could tell she wasn't too happy about leaving me there but she couldn't force me without putting us all in danger.She drew more power from the fallen sorcerers and sprinted down the road,the bubble following her.
                         Alone.Maybe it wasn't such a good plan. They threw everything they had at me but instead of trying to block there attacks, I held my arms by my sides and threw lightning at the ground. The idea was that I would be propelled into the air be the force of the bolt and land on the roof of the house beside me but the reality was harsher. Reality is always harsher.                      
                         I was pushed into the air but I sent bits of road flying everywhere,leaving a gaping crater in it.I also went too high and kinda started spinning in the air, my limbs flailing. I didn't even go up sideways so when I fell I would land in the jagged ground the bolt had made not on the flat terraced house.
                         Then I reached the peak and began to fall to my deat.
                                           Ahhhh .  .  .  .  .My plans never work.


  1. ahh ... my plans never work LOL I LOVE this :]

  2. Finnaly thank may live another day ! :D

  3. Awesome! Very intense! You won't make us wait long to find out what happens, will you?

  4. i'll have to write it 2moro or Florence will kill me

  5. :D remneber you bald coot without an eyebrow WRITE MORE OR DIE!!

  6. just realized i spelt death wrong . . . i'm slow .